30 Money Making Agricultural Business ideas

Agriculture forms the foundations of every country that exists on this planet. It has significantly contributed to the economic prosperity of most developed countries and its role in the economic development of least developed countries is of vital importance.

It is the agricultural and farming activities that ensure food to us as well as to our animals. Imagine for a moment, how can we survive if there are no crop fields and farmers. Besides making food available to us, agricultural sector supplies raw materials to our non agricultural sectors such as food processing sector and manufacturing sectors that further turns produce into clothes we and you wear, food we eat and many more things we require to live a comfortable life.

In those countries such as India, China, Nigeria etc where agricultural industry forms the backbone of their economies holds the great prospect for employing most of their unemployed youth.

Now as far as starting an agricultural is concerned, it not only costs very low capital but also warrants high profits compared to other choices available in other sectors. Furthermore, it also involves very overheads that you can not witness in other business choices.

Here are 30 money making agricultural, farming and also agribusiness related business ideas and opportunities you might like starting in your area today:

1. Potato Cultivation

Potato is one of the important components of our meals. It has been one of the strong complementary of our meals since earlier times. Being tasty as well as nutritious, the room for potatoes in our meals would certainly be high always.

So, if you own a fertile piece of land, then one of the choices in the agricultural industry you could consider is to start a potato cultivation business. Moreover, if your local population consumes high quantities of potatoes that comes from other places, then you could help reduce the outflow of such a huge money from your area by enhancing internal production of potatoes.

2. Bioplastic Business

Since polythene production and use have been banned in our societies, the need for eco-friendly alternatives is rising day by day and bioplastic manufacturing unit is one of the ways that could provide us carry bags for shopping, trays for floriculture, packing material for food, bin liners for clubs and hotels etc. We don’t need to convince you about their market worldwide.

3. French Fries Business

You know it by yourself how great it tastes when we eat fries that are prepared from potatoes. Therefore you could also consider starting a french fries business if you are looking for money making business ideas in today’s agricultural sector.

4. Potato Chips Business

Besides cultivation, you could also give thoughts to starting your own potato chips making business if you are looking for potato related business ideas and then target them to the local consumers, retail shops, wholesalers etc in your local area.

5. Sell Potato Seeds

Well, another money making potato allied business you could think to start is selling potato seed tubers to the larger number of local as well as national potato growers.

6. Onion Cultivation

Almost every recipe that we prepare calls for onion use. So, if you posses a piece of land that has perfect agro-climatic condition, then consider starting an onion cultivation business and therefore stop the massive outflow of cash from your area if onions are imported from other places.

7. Branded Honey

If there is a high demand and limited production of honey in your area, then consider cashing in a honey production business. Moreover, there is also high demand for branded honey in the exports markets and hence a great agribusiness opportunity for you.

8. Mushroom Cultivation

Mushrooms are popularly known as poor people’s meat. So if your land proves easy for its cultivation, then think to start your own mushroom cultivation business and then target them to local and trading markets.

9. Vegetable Seeds 

Since there is a high supply deficit of quality vegetable seeds to the vegetable growers round the world, starting a vegetable seeds production is another great choice for those entrepreneurs who are looking for business ideas in the agriculture industry. 

10. Strawberry Cultivation

Strawberries are consumed almost everywhere. Due to its limited production and high market demand, starting your own strawberry cultivation business is one of great agricultural business opportunity if your land proves suitable for their production.

11. Butter Production

One of the best agribusiness related business opportunity available to entrepreneurs today. With high demand(among households, hotels, restaurants, exporters) and low production especially in countries like India, Africa etc starting a butter production is another great business option for aspiring entrepreneurs.

12. Curd Production 

Entrepreneurs looking for agribusiness ideas should also contemplate upon starting a curd production business in their areas and the target it to the local households, restaurants etc

13. Milk Production

Those who live countries like as Africa, India, Sri Lanka etc a milk production business could extremely perform well in these countries as there is a huge demand for quality milk.

14. Tomato Cultivation

Being one of the essential components of human’s recipes, starting a tomato cultivation business is yet another good business opportunity for aspiring entrepreneurs in the agricultural industry.

15. Pumpkin Farming 

This magnesium rich vegetable is also an important component of our meals. So, if you have some piece of land that could prove supportive in their production, then think to start it and target them to the local shops, households etc  

16. Water Melon Farming

This is another lucrative farming business opportunity entrepreneurs could give thoughts towards starting it in their areas.

17. Cucumber Farming 

If you have a constant source of water supply and own a land, then consider tapping into a cucumber farming business today.

18. Ground Nut Production

With huge global market for ground nuts, you could also start a ground nut production business provided you land proves competent in their production.

19. Tea Production 

After water, tea is the second most consumed drink in the world. So, if your land has potential for tea production, then consider starting it today.

20. Agricultural Consultant 

If you are sufficient knowledge and some experience in the field of agriculture, then consider providing consultation services to the farmers in your area.

21. Cashew Farming

With increasing use of cashew in medicine, entrepreneurs living in areas where the cultivation of cashew plants proves supportive should consider starting a cashew farming business there.

22. Cashew Processing

Besides cultivation, entrepreneurs may also indulge into the activity of cashew processing to generate more profits.

23. Coconut Production

Since coconut oil has witnessed a great use as a moisturizer over the years, those living in countries like India, Sri Lanka etc can think about starting a coconut production business there.

24. Garlic Farming

One of the best agricultural business ideas that promises high profits. So, if you have small piece of land that is fertile enough for the production of garlic, then consider starting a garlic farming business there.

25. Groundnut Farming

If you live in countries like China, India, Nigeria, Argentina etc local based entrepreneurs should give thoughts to starting a ground nut farming business there to make their money.

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