Top 10 Profitable Business ideas in Bangalore

If you are looking for business ideas to start a business in Bangalore in 2017, then here are top 10 highly lucrative business ideas and opportunities which have huge potential in Bangalore:

Bangalore also known by Bengaluru is one of the top metropolitan and smart cities in India. It is also called by silicon valley and IT(information technology) capital of India. Besides these names, it is also popular for its pleasant climate in India.

This city has given rise to many successful and dominant business players (Flipkart  being one of them) over the years. It has embraced a notable progress and development across multiple sectors such as IT, education, electronic commerce, automotive etc and because of it countless business opportunities have oozed out for entrepreneurs and out of them these 10 have proved to perform extremely well on the red soil of today’s Bangalore:

1. Fitness Center

This business has a vast room in Bangalore. Since people are prone to high stress and tiredness in a city like Bangalore where they work for long hours, starting a fitness center is one of the decisions you could could make in Bangalore provided you are fitness minded person and have some space to install fitness machines.

  • Tip: To make it succeed, offer unique and affordable fitness packages to the working class professionals.

2. Car and Bicycle Rental

A great business that has high chances to succeed in a city like Bangalore which witnesses millions of tourists every year. Since it is hard to enjoy their travel and convenience in public transport, these tourists often prefer to hire bicycles and cars to enjoy their trip times in Bangalore. Hence a great opportunity aspirants could focus on in today’s Bangalore.

3. Event Management

Bangalore is such a place in India that experiences countless events always. Since for people it is a stressful work to conduct events by their own, they usually prefer to handover them to the professional event companies. So, if you have been in the event management field, then think to start your own event management business in Bangalore.

4. Coffee Shop Business

It is such a business that has the huge potential to thrive well in Bangalore, after all who(whether local or outsider) doesn’t love to drink coffee especially in a city like Bangalore. Hence you might consider to start your own coffee shop business in Bangalore.

5. Delivery Services

A delivery business could also work extremely well in a city like Bangalore where people face much difficulty to receive their goods on time. Therefore another great business opportunity that you could start in today’s Bangalore.

6. Food Truck Business

The food truck business could also perform well in a place like Bangalore where people look for convenient and cheap foods during special events, festivals etc. Since visiting to nearby restaurants makes them spend high, starting a food truck business is yet another good business that could help them save high bucks they they usually incur in restaurants.

7. Small Business Software

Titled as business hub in India, there are countless number of small business ventures that operate in Bangalore. Since to compete with others and lead in their respective target markets, they often feel the necessity of software to make their business functions more efficient than their rivals. Therefore if you have skills of developing such software, then consider to shape them up in Bangalore.

8. Bakery Business

Bakery has a great presence in Bangalore’s culture. You wont witness any festival in which people don’t distribute bakeries to their relatives, families, friends etc. Therefore another great business opportunity that will guarantee you consistent and high profits in Bangalore.

9. Restoration Business

Restoration business is yet one of the best niches you could focus on in Bangalore. Because no matter what you will always find customers for this restoration services in a place like Bangalore.

10. Food Delivery

A huge market is emerging for food delivery business in Bangalore day by day. After all no one would like to get pissed of in depressive traffic countered by Bangalore every day. Therefore starting a food delivery business is  another great business opportunity that has huge potential to grow in today’s Bangalore.