20 Best Home Based Business ideas For Women

Not long ago when men had the perception that women would never lead them. But their perception has been debunked. Today women lead men in many fields and even it is expected that women will surpass men in every field including business very soon.

Even though we admit that men own more businesses than women but that doesn’t mean entrepreneur ability is limited to men only. Look at Shahnaz Hussain, Oprah Winfrey, Cher Wang and many more women entrepreneurs where they stand today.

We must also admit that since most women remained inside their homes to take care of children, maintain homes, cook and feed their families. It is because of these reasons they could not get the chances to embrace the entrepreneurial ability.

Imagine if men would been taking care of these things and women were allowed to perform men’s task, there would have been more women owning business than men. Now let’s cool down our criticism to the men’s perception and look at the other factors that drive women to pursue the entrepreneurship path.

In today’s economical down time, it is pretty challenging for men to supplement their family income. That’s by far the top most reason that is driving women to look for the ways to add up some money to their financial savings.

Here are 20 best small business ideas for women that cost little investment to get off the ground:

1. Start Blogging

Blogging is the best home based business for women these days. If you’re knowledgeable in any particular field and have the ability to guide others who seek tips and advise on internet, then start a blog and help these people out. Like any other business, blogging too demands efforts in order to make spaces in the hearts of people.

Though you’ll have to wait for some time to reap your financial benefits but if you remain consistent with your blog and offer valuable tips to your readers, you will soon see higher rewards and that too in your home. Pick an attractive name for your blog, register domain name and pay some money for hosting. Once you finish up these tasks, move on to build reasonable traffic towards your blog and then apply for Ad-sense to display ads on your blog.

2. Be Affiliate Marketer

Another rewarding choice available to you in case your blog isn’t making sufficient money from Ad-sense is to become an affiliate marketer. Affiliate marketing is simply an agreement between you and the advertisers where in he pays some commission to you if your visitors make purchases on their sites. Remember you require to have a blog on which you’ll promote the products of shopping portals and once any one of your visitor buys some product through your  referral link, you’ll be rewarded by sales commission.

3. Open a Beauty Parlor

Whether it’s a little girl or a teen or an old lady, every women wants to look more beautiful and attractive than others.

With little time for performing makeups by their own, more women these days are turning to beauty parlors. So if your hands have the ability to enhance the look of these women, you should consider opening a beauty parlor in your locality. Moreover, you can run this business from your home itself.

4. Open a Boutique Store

A boutique is a small store that targets unique and stylish clothes to those who don’t care buying expensive things. By nature most women care more about to look stylish. They always are ready to pay high for those clothes that will help them become more attractive to others.

Therefore starting a boutique clothing store is another rewarding small business choice you can put your efforts for.

5. Make Greeting cards

May look an outdated business choice to you but the matter of fact is that still more than 90% people prefer to send Christmas cards, birthday new year cards, Easter cards and valentine day cards etc to their loved ones in this age of internet. So, if you love to play around with creative designs, you can turn this passion into money in your locality.

6. Be a Home Tutor

Most parents look for home tutors these days in order to provide a comfortable learning environment to their kids. Research has indicated that kids who study under home tutors perform extremely well.

Apart from receiving quality education, home tutoring turns to be cheap for these parents than other facilities. Make sure you have the level of education and self respect to teach their kids for the amount they will pay you.

7. Fitness center for Women

As a matter of fact most women do not feel comfortable performing their exercises with men. They like such an environment where male intervention isn’t allowed. Hence starting a separate fitness center catered for women only is another compelling opportunity you may consider starting in your locality.

8. Be an Interior Designer 

They would be hardly any household owner who doesn’t not value his rooms to be appealing and  attractive. Almost everyone loves to see his or her rooms to look more pleasing. So if you have a sound knowledge and experience in this field, then you should think to start an interior designing business in your locality in order to give a true character to the rooms of people.

9. Open a Kids Store 

Starting a retail kids store and selling kids clothes, shoes, toys etc is another small business opportunity for women entrepreneurs to contemplate on.

10. Wedding Planning Business

The best business idea for those women who are excellent at offering wedding planning services. Helping your local people in reliving their mental stress and worry about weddings can pay you off with high amount of money.

11. Book Keeping

There are large number of small as well as big companies who do not want to bear the costs on hiring a permanent accountant. So offering a bookkeeping services to these companies is one of the best home based business for women.

12. Candle Making

With access to some capital, a passionate women can start a candle making business at her home and sell candles to local population and thus make her income.

13. Content Writing

An aspiring women who has the ability to write quality content, can initiate this service from her home. Demand is obliviously marvelous and thus an incredibility business opportunity for those women who want to work from home.

14. Copy Writing

Not only the boom in internet industry has give rise to content writing opportunity, it has also give rise to copy writing opportunity. Along with content writing, a women can also make money by offering her copy writing service.

15. Fashion Design Training

Starting and running your own fashion designing training center is a best fit for those women who have sufficient experience in fashion designing field.

16. Feature Agency

Well to run a successful and a profitable  feature agency business, an aspiring women entrepreneur needs just a laptop and a mobile connection. Here are other best small business opportunities you may contemplate starting in your area:

17. Open a Spa Business

Humans aren’t like machines that can work tirelessly. They need breaks, relaxation and freshness in order to perform their work effectively. That’s what a spa delivers to them. Day by day with the importance of spa is growing everywhere as it helps people to relieve stress and toughness out of their tired bodies. Hence a great opportunity for women to contemplate on these days.

18. Deliver Daycare Service

While parents by nature are the best caretakers of their babies or children, yet due to the modern working life styles pushes them to opt for the best day care services in order to take care of their children. So who better than a women is able to deliver a day care services to these parents. Hence a great opportunity for you to think upon.

19. Make Designer Handbags

Just ask any woman how it feels when she moves out without a bag. Her response certainly would be incomplete. No woman feels better and stylish when they plan to move out for a visit, shopping, holidays etc. Since as a women you are the better judge of their feelings, you may start a designer handbag business in your locality.

20. Open a Grocery Store 

A store or a shop that retails food items to the people is called a grocery store. If you feel that your locality lacks a grocery store or faces little competition, then what better than a grocery store could you start to earn your income.