Top 10 Low Cost Business ideas in Delhi

If you are looking for business ideas to start your own business in New Delhi, then here are 10 best and most profitable small business opportunities you could think of investing your money for:

Delhi NCR, the capital of India that in past used to be one of the major political and financial centers for several empires was recently declared as one of the most developed and smart cities in India.

With its tremendous improvements in various sectors like as transport, education, tourism and especially its increasing local population are few to mention factors that have given rise to the immense business opportunities and out of them we believe these 10 have great potential to flourish in today’s Delhi:

1. Tourism Business

Today, tourism is one of the hot sectors entrepreneurs could revolve their thoughts on in Delhi. With each passing year, inflow of tourists from both foreign countries and other states has witnessed unexpected increase but unfortunately the tourism sector is still poorly organized in Delhi forcing these tourist to leave the place quickly.

Most of them complaint about the poor accommodations, transport, food and drinking water system. Hence local entrepreneurs could maximize their stay time by focusing on these areas by:

  • Building hotels
  • Providing convenient transport service
  • Establishing restaurants and drinking water plants in Delhi

2. Electronics recycling

This is another compelling area local entrepreneurs could put their efforts in today’s Delhi. With each passing day, the quantity of discarded electronic products such as computers, TV, LED, LCD, cell phones etc  is increasing at an alarming rate, so does the problem of its disposal.

Therefore a great opportunity for the aspiring entrepreneurs to start an electronics recycling business in Delhi.

3. Car Rental Business

A car rental business is yet another business opportunity that has a quiet favorable market in today’s New Delhi. As pointed earlier in the above section of this article, Delhi witnesses increasing tourist inflow day by day. Most of them look to rent out cars to enjoy their trip time. Therefore if you own a car, you could offer it on rent to the tourist.