20 Profitable Small Business ideas in Kashmir

If you are looking for business ideas to start a business in any part of Kashmir whether it is in cities like Srinagar or in rural areas, then here are more than 20 most profitable small business opportunities that might match your entrepreneurial aspirations:

Kashmir known as the heaven on earth offers tremendous opportunities to the local youth who aspire to become entrepreneurs.

Today, the challenging unemployment rate is one of the serious concerns to the people of Kashmir. As they say time waits for none. Had it been managed earlier by elders of valley, the current worst scenarios of its youth wouldn’t have been witnessed. But unfortunately, people of the valley have still not changed their mindset. The mindset that stress upon running only after govt jobs. Business is regarded as a beggar’s job and the govt job as king’s gold even if it pays them only 1000 rupees per month.

By the way, we are not here for criticism but we are here to change this general mindset among the youth of Kashmir. There is a need of change, who better than youth of the valley could embrace it if they want to have a secured future. One of the routes that has highest chances to secure their future is to embrace entrepreneurship.

To sail this boat of entrepreneurship, they will have to research out right business ideas. To make this task somehow easy for them, we have put efforts to bring up this short list of small business opportunities that we believe have great potential in Jammu and Kashmir:

Agricultural Business

This sector forms the foundation of valley’s economy. As per reports, this sector alone contributes around 23% towards state’s GDP. But unfortunately, it is still in an unorganized form. If local entrepreneurs put efforts in developing this sector, it could create countless jobs for the local unemployed youth.

To make it simple, being situated on high altitude and the presence of mineral rich soil, local entrepreneurs could focus on these agricultural niches:

  1. Potato cultivation
  2. Onion cultivation
  3. Potato seeds
  4. Mushroom cultivation
  5. Saffron cultivation
  6. Vegetable seeds
  7. Cut flowers
  8. Apple orchards
  9. Walnuts
  10. Almond,
  11. Strawberry cultivation etc which are imported in larger quantities from other states.

Entrepreneurs could save this huge out flow of money by putting their efforts on these areas of agricultural sector of Kashmir.