11 Best Business ideas in Mumbai with Low Investment

IF you are looking for best business ideas to start a business in today’s Mumbai, then here are 10 small business ideas you can shape in Mumbai with low investment required:

Mumbai,  that represents the capital of Maharashtra is the most populous city in India. Not only Mumbai is on top in terms of population, it is also one of the wealthiest cities in India and moreover it is also the financial and commercial capital of India. Besides these qualities, Mumbai has also the pride of being the home to the majority of billionaires and millionaires among all cities all over India.

In a city like Mumbai where population is high and the financial activities are strong, it is very simple to understand that it means aspiring entrepreneurs have many opportunities to make their money. Now, without moving further, let’s highlight those top 11 business ideas  you can start with Low Investment in Mumbai:

1. Event Management

Event planners these days are experiencing a huge demand especially in a city like Mumbai where the busy life styles doesn’t allow people to properly plan out all the details of their events by their own. So, if you’ve a great deal of experience in event management, then you should consider to put it in practice in Mumbai.

2. Interior Designing

This is another business that you can think of starting in Mumbai if you’re great at enhancing the interior appearances of homes. Most people are now hiring interior designers not because it saves their time but because it saves them from making deadliest mistakes, after all designers have a trained eye that knows much better than a common man.

3. Tutoring Business

Starting a tutoring business is another best opportunity for those who are looking for low investment based business ideas in Mumbai, after all parents want their kids to show extraordinary performance in the cities like Mumbai where educational competition is enormous.

4. House Painting Business

Almost all of us want our homes to look beautiful and clean and so do the people living in Mumbai. So, if your skills are great enough to fulfill that want of people, then consider starting a house painting business in Mumbai.

5. Buy & Sell Used Cars

Since most middle class families can’t afford to buy new cars, so buying and selling used cars to this dominant segment is one more compelling business that can thrive well in Mumbai.

6. Sell Used Furniture

7. Beauty Salon 

8. Web Designing 

9. Internet Marketing 

10. Real Estate Business

11. Recruitment Business