8 Top Profitable Small Business ideas in Pune

If you are looking for business ideas to start a business in Pune, then here are 8 most profitable business ideas you could start with low investment there:

Pune is one of the most populous cities in India. It is commonly referred as the cultural hub of Maharashtra. The city that once was the center of power for Maratha empire, is today the home to the large line of manufacturers, automobile industries, information technology and mostly for education. Today it attracts thousands of local as well as foreign students mostly who hail from Africa, Middle East etc  to pursue their education.

Its continuous progress and development has given rise to many business opportunities entrepreneurs could put their resources for but these 8 small business ideas have tremendous potential in today’s Pune:

1. Manage Events

Like other cities such as Bangalore, Mumbai, Delhi etc, Pune too embraces wedding, festivals, corporate events etc on every single day. Since it is very stressful to manage such events, people let these events be managed by event management companies. Therefore, if you are acquainted  with event management skills, then consider starting an event management business in Pune.

2. Digital Marketer

Be it the exiting companies or newly opened ones, the demand for online marketers is exists to a great extent in them. So, if you posses digital marketing skills, then think none other than starting your own digital marketing companies to help these companies to communicate their messages to their customers via online platforms.

3. Restaurant Business

People who live in Pune whether locals or outsiders, most often love to eat out. Therefore if you are blessed with sufficient bank balance, then consider starting a small restaurant in Pune

4. Online Retail Business

Like any other metropolitan city such Bangalore, Mumbai or Delhi etc in India, Pune too has witnessed tremendous online shopping shifts over the years. Hence starting an online retail business is another great opportunity you might like to shape up in today’s Pune.

5. Jewelry Business

Like in other states, people who live Pune also are obsessed with jewelry. It is an important component of Pune’s culture. Not even a single event whether it is a festival or a wedding, in which you wont witness people without jewelry. So, if you have the skills of making customized jewelry, then it easy for you to turn them into huge cash in Pune.

6. Property management

With businesses looking for expansion and also the newly opened one’s looking for office spaces, starting a property management business is another one of the great opportunities you might consider to start in Pune.

7. Web Designing Business

With more pressure mounting on already existing businesses to have online portals and more new startups making entrance, starting a web designing businesses is another wonderful opportunity entrepreneurs could contemplate starting in today’s Pune.

8. Deliver E-commerce Solutions

As described above, with pressure to have online portals, companies whether established or startup one’s, are in high need of efficient e-commerce solutions such as shopping carts, ERP’s to manage their customer orders etc. Therefore if you have been in this field for a while, then consider delivering e-commerce business solutions to these companies in Pune.