20 Best New Business ideas In India For 2018

If you are planning to start a business in India in 2018, then here are 20 best, in fact the new small business ideas and opportunities that might suit your aspirations and budget:

Eradicating unemployment is one of the toughest challenges our country faces at present. It requires immediate and effective focus. Though our country’s GDP has shown healthy growth rate over the years but the recently conducted report of Labour Bureau depicts grim situation about jobs opportunities in India. This is not going to help.

One best way that can help government to boost more jobs is to ignite the spark of entrepreneurship and provide support to more and more youth in the country.

Here are 20 top, in fact the best new small business ideas that have high potential to flourish in India in this year of 2018:

1. Small Healthcare Clinics

While more than 70% of population lives in rural and semi urban areas, more than 80% of healthcare facilities are situated in urban regions. Hence, there is a high need of establishing more healthcare facilities in rural and semi urban areas where they are needed most.

The easy availability of startup finances and large number of unemployed certified healthcare physicians these days proves much beneficial to aspiring local entrepreneurs.

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2. Wedding Planning Services

In today’s age and time, wedding planners have started to become a requirement in every country and India is no exception.

Therefore, those who’ve excellent planning and organizing skills should give their thoughts to offering wedding planning services to the vast number of families and help them in relieving their stress and worry over their wedding events.

3. Cement Tiles Manufacturing

The current size of cement tiles market in India is still highly untapped and it is predicted that this market will grow double of its current size in coming years.

With few players serving the market, the simple manufacturing procedures, low input costs and great access to raw materials makes a cement tiles manufacturing business worth to invest in in today’s India.

4. Rental Services Business

With more and more international and domestic tourists heading towards India, offering rental bikes, fishing equipment, golf gear, ski instructions, rock climbing gear, trekking guides in Kashmir and Himichal Pradesh etc is one of the best business opportunities for those who seek to start a business in India’s tourism sector.

Well apart from targeting tourists, there are other multiple rental opportunities such as apartment renting to tourists, construction equipment renting to companies that have emerged potential areas for local aspiring entrepreneurs.

5. Small Restaurants / Fast food Kiosks

The advantages of small capitals, few overheads, basic infrastructure etc and with high tourist inflow from foreign countries as well from domestic areas, offering food-on-go to them is a compelling business opportunity for local aspiring entrepreneurs.

6. Recycling Collection Business

India on each passing year is drowning in garbage. It also suffers from lack of effective initiatives of recycling plastics, paper and other forms of recyclable waste.

With almost zero competition, aspiring entrepreneurs have multiple opportunities towards making great profits by turning its waste into new products. This way will not only help this country to save many of its already flawed landfills but it can also be one of the solutions for its large number of unemployed youth.

7. Mineral Water Bottle Plants

The unavailability of fresh mineral water has been found to be one of the top reasons that demotivates majority of foreign tourists to pay their visits to India. So, this is one more potential areas in today’s India aspiring entrepreneurs should work on if it wants to bring in more foreign tourists.

8. Sell E-commerce Solutions 

The ever increasing number of online shoppers has posed an immense pressure on local as well as national hotels, real estate, retailing companies etc to facilitate products and services online. This great online shopping shift among Indians provides local aspiring entrepreneurs another compelling business opportunity to facilitate e-commerce solutions to both startups and to existing entities operating in the country.

9. Jute Bags Manufacturing 

With ban on manufacturing and use of plastic bags and the easily availability of jute material, starting jute bags manufacturing units is another rewarding business opportunity we have spotted out in the country.

10. Vegetable Seeds Production

Ever growing demand for vegetable seeds among both local and national vegetable growers and seed suppliers in the country provides another opportunity in the form of vegetable seeds production to the rural based aspiring entrepreneurs.

11. Mushroom Cultivation

Mushrooms especially button ones are very popular in India. Though being one of the favorite dishes to Indians, its production is still limited in the country causing it to be costly than meat and other vegetables. With easy availability of dung and paddy straw, it is much easy for youth entrepreneurs to get into the  mushroom cultivation business.

12. Strawberry Cultivation

Strawberry is one of the important fruit crops grown in India. Besides being very popular to local consumers, it is also gaining wide acceptance in the international markets, thereby a great opportunity locals can contemplate on.

13. Dairy Farming Business

It is very hard to believe that India being the world’s largest milk producer, yet its local population faces high deficit of milk supply. Therefore a dairy farming business is yet another great business opportunity that local entrepreneurs could focus on.

14. Butter/Ghee Production 

Due to the ample availability of skilled labor, low input costs etc Indian entrepreneurs could also consider starting a butter and ghee production business to fulfill its high domestic demand for butter and ghee products.

15. Poultry Feed Production

The demand of poultry feed is also likely to grow significantly in the country as the poultry sector has demonstrated huge growth in recent years.

16. Ice cream Business

India is one of those countries that experiences very hot summers every year. Therefore an ice cream business is another good business opportunity that is worth starting In India.

17. Poultry Farming Business

A country with diverse communities consuming high quantities of chicken and eggs, what other than a poultry farming business holds the great prospect to thrive well in India.

18. Solar Power Production 

This has a great potential in a country like India where there is a huge gap in the supply and demand of electricity and therefore entrepreneurs could tap into this bushiness to reduce the impact of power cuts in remote areas in India.

19. Biomass Fuel Briquettes

Today world is seeking the best alternatives to the use of fossil fuels and India is no different. Since people use high quantities of wood and coal in their homes, it has given rise to the threatening environmental issues, therefore local entrepreneurs could think to manufacture biomass fuel briquettes as an alternative to the use of such fuels.

20. IT Hardware Solutions 

With countless banks, institutes and other computer users facing unique challenges, starting your own IT hardware solutions business is another compelling business opportunity for the local entrepreneurs.