Top 50 Innovative Education Business ideas

Academicians with an entrepreneur drive should consider starting business in the education sector. Educational related businesses would allow you make profits while helping others to develop economically as well as ethically.

Education allows us to accomplish career dreams. It empowers to a level where we attain reason against illogical things. Not only does education gives us exposure to the world, it also gives us ability to judge between right and wrong while building values in us.

Here are top 50 innovative small business opportunities for those who intend breaking into today’s educational industry:

1. Private nursery

Nursery school is arguably the first place that builds self esteem in children while facilitating home like conditions to them. It not only assists in inducing great social skills in kids, they are helped to achieve better grades as well. Because of such benefits, more and more parents turn towards nursery schools. Besides it, there are even huge gaps such as quality education, comfortable learning environment etc that many nursery schools still fail to fill. If your place is yet to see its first nursery school or such gaps prevail in already established ones, think not beyond starting your own private nursery school.

2. Primary school

Primary school is the second education institution after a nursery school a child is exposed to. It lays down a solid foundation in a child’s educational life while giving him or her exposure to simple arithmetic rules and other basic learning stuffs. If there isn’t any private primary school yet built at your place or in existing schools low quality education is being offered, consider starting a private primary school there.

3. Driving school

Driver schools aim at helping people learn safe driving. Driving isn’t something we genetically inherit from our parents. It has to be learnt from someone who already knows how to drive and it is no surprising that there are thousands of people around who want to learn driving skills before taking their newly bought vehicles on roads. If you know how to drive vehicles safely, what better you can start other than a driving school in your locality.

4. Open a bookstore

Selling books allows you earn high profit margins. Book is something which is generally non bargainable item. Whatever the price printed on books, customers won’t hesitate paying it. Proximity to educational institutions such as colleges, schools, tuition centers etc is an important factor to consider while you open a bookstore.

5. Online tutoring

Online teaching is a trending business opportunity that allows you rake in money while teaching online. You can embrace two ways to benefit from this opportunity. One is to register yourself as a tutor on online sites and second is starting an online tutoring business on your own.

6. Sell stationery online 

Online stationery selling is yet to see full exploitation. Hence, a rewarding opportunity that involves selling school stationery through a webstore.

17. Blogging

Blogging offers reasonable profits (though little lately) while writing and publishing articles about a niche that you are interested in on a blog. It even doesn’t force you leave your desk because you can comfortably operate it from your home.

8. Acting School

If you are a professional actor, consider opening an acting school to turn young aspirants into talented actors.

9. Arts and Crafts School

If you posses arts and crafts expertise, consider opening an arts and crafts school to cultivate talented artists and craftsmen.

10. Ball Pen Maker

Manufacture ball pens to help kids, teachers, professionals and many more users enjoy sensational writing.

11. Chalk Manufacturer

Manufacture a variety of colored chalk sticks to aid teachers write text and frame drawings on blackboard surfaces.

12. Computer Institute 

If you’ve enough knowledge about computers, consider opening a computer training institute to turn aspirants into computer savvy professionals.

13. Computer Trainer

Get hired by computer training institutes as a computer trainer to instruct students and learners about computer operations.

14. Dance School 

If you are an experienced dancer, give thoughts to opening a dance school to turn aspiring individuals into professional dancers.

15. Driver Instructor

Become a driver instructor to teach new drivers about the traffic rules and safety driving procedures.

16. Eraser Maker

Manufacture erasers in a variety of shapes and sizes to aid students remove writings from their notebook papers.

17. Gem Clip Maker

Make and push the sale of gem clips or paper clips to assist students hold paper sheets together.

18. Glue Maker

Become a glue tubes manufacturer to help students stick or join materials such as photos, paper etc together.

19. Fashion Design Trainer 

Open a fashion design institute to help aspirants become fashion designers and get hired by apparel companies.

20. First Aid Trainer 

Become a first aid trainer and offer classes and courses to teach people how to respond during emergency times.

21. Catering School

Open a catering school to help passionate people become professional caterers so that they could serve weddings, parties, convocations like occasions.

22. Fashion Design School

Open a fashion design school to help aspiring people blaze in their careers by offering fashion design courses and classes to them.

23. Drawing School

Setup a drawing school at your local region to assist in developing the observational drawing skills among local kids.

24. Jewelry Design School

Provide jewelry designing classes to those students who want to learn the techniques they will utilize in making their own jewelry designs.

25. Sales Trainer 

If you’ve accumulated adequate experience in the sales field, you could work as a sales trainer to help in preparing new sales representatives by inculcating the knowledge and skills in them.

26. Music School

If musically inclined, you may consider setting up a music school to help students in learning the art of music by teaching the principal subject of music to them.

27. Music Teacher

Or if the option of music school is too heavy, you could work as music teacher in a local school to teach music lessons there.

28. Play School

Head the operations of a playschool to develop dexterity, cognitive and emotional strengths among children.

29. Self defence trainer

Or you can focus on providing people the skills that will ensure their safety during risky situations as self defence trainer.

30. Sewing classes

Facilitate sewing classes to help people in mastering the craft of making and repairing pieces of cloth.

31. Sports coach

Or you may offer instructions to help athletes learn the operations of any game that you have strong hold of.

32. Stunt school

If you are a professional stuntman, you can set the foundation of a stunt school to prepare successful stunt performers for movies, TV serials etc

33. Home tutor 

Supplement your day time job with home tutoring to help children bolster their understanding of subjects.

34. Ballroom dancing 

Expose your ballrooming dancing skills to students motivated towards becoming ballroom dancers.

35. Bicycle safety classes

Teach children how to stay unharmed while riding their bicycles.

36. Editing services 

From printers to publishers to advertising agencies need editors to ensure information is presented in a way that not only is grammatically sound but also easy to comprehend.

37. Educational day camps

Organise educational day camps on weekends and summer months to instill an abundance of skills in the minds of children.

38. Employee training

Conduct training courses to induce morale in employees so as to help companies(with a tight spending on employee training) achieve business objectives.

39. Energy consulting 

Businesses whether commercial or governmental require sustainable solutions to achieve energy cost reduction objectives.

40. Camping classes

Deliver tips to novice campers on how to stay safe and comfortable while taking camping trips.

41. Dog training classes

If you have studied animal behaviour science, you can dispense dog training to those who want their dogs to have harmonious relationship with family members.

42. Scholarship consultant 

Work as a scholarship consultant with collages, high schools etc to help deserving students earn admission.

43. Educational consultant

Become an educational consultant to help students seeking admissions in collages, high secondary schools etc

44. Quiz competition organiser 

Organise quiz competitions to test knowledge of students about interesting subjects in colleges, schools etc

Note: Remaining opportunities will be published soon… keep visiting…