How to Start a Wheel Alignment Business

Every good driver knows the significance of timely wheel alignments. Proper wheel alignment at regular times not only ensures safety, it also proves useful in enhancing vehicle’s performance. Here is a step by step yet comprehensive guide to starting a wheel alignment and balancing shop:

1. Business plan

Make a business plan. Demonstrate your business goals that are practically achievable, resource ( including financial projections ) requirements and strategies to put into action while writing your plan. Consult an expert or buy a sample from online sites like bplans if you aren’t sure about how to write your business plan.

2. Obtain permits

Adhere to local government regulations while checking and obtaining permits ( if needed ) and a business license from authorised department in your city.

3. Decide if you want to offer manual wheel alignment service while using hand tools or you want to utilise computerised wheel alignment and balancing machines. Remember costs involved in buying these two machines ( alignment and balancing ) is indeed high however most drivers nowadays give utmost preference to it because it hardly takes 5-20 minutes of time compared to manual service.

4. Location

It is not so hard to think that a preferable location for a business that delivers wheel alignment service is on a roadside. So pick and rent a shop with enough parking space on a highway roadside.

5. Manage investment

Though a business plan already covers financial projections however if you want to skip creating a business plan, you will have to estimate costs involved in renting a shop, buying tools or machines, utilities and other daily expenses and accordingly secure it from a nearest bank if your personal savings are very low.

6. Setup machines

Draw a floor diagram so that installers properly install both wheel alignment as well as balancing machines and then build a shed. Drivers should not face any difficulty while entering and leaving the service point.

7. Advertise 

It is needless to spend money on newspaper, cable channel, flyers etc advertising however you should make and display an attractive tin board right on the front of your shop so that your business doesn’t go unnoticed by drivers.