Unheard Story of an Aspiring Kashmiri Entrepreneur

Hello! folks. My name is Rashid and i hail from Kulgam, Jammu and Kashmir. First of all, i am thankful with the core of my heart to the HFS staff for letting me express my voice.

The lack of support and funds are the two main and major factors in Kashmir for not having that(i mean private sector) what other states have. I have seen it personally that there is no support at all(EDI seems to be exception) for our Kashmiri entrepreneurs. I myself faced this situation so i will just briefly outline about what happened with me when i approached to Kulgam District Industries.

When it Started? 

In Jan. 2015 i went to District Industries Kulgam in order to get funds for my startup( Auto Repair). Got in touch with a manager(ill than illiterate) and asked him about the procedure and time to get the desired amount of capital. He told me to get a form for Rs. 500(could have bought a mobile battery)and fill it. I did exactly what he instructed me.

What he said after 1 Month?

Then after 1 month, he handed over the registration certificate to me and told me to give a call after 15 days. When i gave a call to his number after 15 days, he told me to wait for one more month.

I said what is wrong with it that you are unable to process my case and do you know what he said to me”Bacha April 1st tak wait kar”. I said i will wait only provided you will do something(Bharosa uth gaya tha) for my case. He said”Bakhuda” he will get my case solved on that date.

My Last Expectation

On April 1, 2015 he(creepy creature) didn’t pick my call till August 1 2015. On 1 August, 2015 said to me to wait till September 1, 2015 and today it is 8th September 2015, the same manager’s cellphone comes switch off.

I just want to say to all of those Kashmiris that never expect good from these corrupt officers (unethical persons). I am not the only one who had to suffer, there are thousands others which i believe might have faced the same situation.

Today it is me but tomorrow it may be you. So raise your voice and shut these stinky animals up. If you want to share your thoughts too, just drop a comment below to make our voice strong(Itihaad mein Takat Hai). Now i am moving ahead to apply through JKEDI(seems better than District Industries) and expect a good favour from them.