Kidzee Franchise Cost and fees for 2018

Until and unless you aren’t an experienced person, never think about opening a new preschool from scratch rather consider buying a franchise.

Kidzee is one of the popular preschool brands that allows you to invest your money in its franchise. Perhaps, Kidzee’s already established name in the preschool line and profitability are two main factors which compel people towards opening a Kidzee franchise, especially in India.

Kidzee chain received franchisor of the year award back in 2010. Beyond India, Kidzee even achieved a name in being one of the top largest preschool chains in Asia. Throughout India, Kidzee has more than 1350 centers scattered across 550 plus cities.

Here we have presented latest information about Kidzee franchise cost, return on investment ( ROI ) land requirement and how to apply for a Kidzee franchise:

1. Franchise cost

Unlike other preschool franchise which generally demands high investment, Kidzee can possibly be opened with an affordable budget. One who considers a Kidzee franchise unit in India, regardless of state he or she lives in, can acquire it around Rs. 12, 00,000 including franchise fees as well.

2. Return on investment

Well, on consideration of Kidzee’s official records and other details, you can anticipate returns on your investment in a year.

3. Land requirement

In addition to costs, you are also required to have the availability of land spanning to 2000-3000 sq. feet for setting up a Kidzee preschool.

4. How to apply?

Interested people can apply for a Kidzee franchise online while visiting its partner with us page on which you are asked to enter your name, contact details, address details etc. Thanks for your time and good luck for becoming an authorized franchisee of Kidzee.