How to Start a Lawn Mower Repair Shop

If you happen to be a mechanic with quality to fix faults in damaged lawnmowers, then helping people for whom this specific task is difficult is a great way to make some money. Listed below is a quick 6 steps guide that will help you get started with your own lawn mower repair shop business:

1. Business plan

No doubt opening a lawn mower repair business demands relativity little capital, however you shouldn’t overlook a business plan, a document that will keep you in the right direction until you attain your overall goals. So, jot down a business plan if you can or seek a professional help if you have no idea about it.

2 Get Licensed

Find out if you are required to fulfil any legal formalities. If so, head towards concerned authorities to secure up licences and permits.

3. Find location

Search down a place that is very much feasible for business operations. You might either rent a shop or you may even work from your home.

4. Investment

Get your financial requirements(rent, tools, parts, utilities etc) assessed  and then pile up the required amount. Generally it costs around $500-2500.

5. Buy Tools & parts

Find and buy necessary tools and quality parts required to accompany you while delivering lawn mower repair services.

6. Inform customers

Plan out the best ways to spread awareness across your target customers. Get a board displaying your name and services fixed on the top of your shop and most importantly utilise Facebook as much as you can to catch the attention of remote based customers.