Lululemon Franchise Opportunities

Does Lululemon provide franchise opportunities? How much opening one Lululemon franchise unit does cost? Read on to explore accurate answers:

Lululemon Athletica is a Canadian based company involved in the tailoring of athletic clothes for yoga, running, workouts and other sweaty pursuits. It makes a wide collection of athletic wear such as performance shirts, shorts, and pants, lifestyle apparel and yoga accessories for women, men and young girls. Though Lululemon is very popular for being high quality and stylish centric company, however, it often faces criticism for adopting overpricing policy.

Let’s read further to know about Lululemon’s background and especially about its franchise opportunity.

1. Lululemon’s history

Back in 1998, Chip Wilson laid down the foundation of Lululemon Athletica at Vancouver, Canada. While company intiallly began as a design studio during day and a yoga studio during night, it eventually ended up as standalone store and in 2001, Lululemon started selling yoga wear. Lululemon at present owns more than 90 stores, out of which 40 stores operate in Canada, 38 stores in United States and near around 8 stores in Australia.

2. Franchise information

There are actually no franchising opportunities made available by Lululemon at the present moment as it doesn’t want to go beyond corporate stores strategy to expand its business. The company even has its own official website where you on your own can verify whether Lululemon offers franchise opportunities or not. Thank you for reading this article.

3. Franchise costs and fees

Total initial franchise startup costs and fees one who would want to buy a Lululemon franchise needs to have = NA