Top 20 Creative Outdoor Business Opportunities

Working indoors isn’t always thrilling and exciting for everyone. In fact, many people are out there who are sick of working indoors. They feel excited when outside activities are assigned to them. Maybe like them you too don’t prefer to sit inside an office from 9-6 rather want to start an outdoor business. If so, here are 20 top best outdoor related business ideas for you:

Adventure tourism

Adventure tourism business constitutes all those activities that are directed towards fulfilling adventurous need. If your place is naturally gifted with adventurism and constantly attracts thousands of domestic and international tourists, you have tons of possibilities that allow you earn money in adventure tourism like as:

  1. Mountain bike rental
  2. Fishing equipment rental
  3. Gold gear and rock climbing gears
  4. Provide trekking guides etc

5. Adventure club

You can even focus on building an adventure club that generates money while organising adventure trips, activities for large number of adventure enthusiastic people paying visit to your locality.

6. Install CCTV cameras

Surge in crimes in recent years have fostered a favourable market for CCTV cameras. Individual with skills to mount CCTV cameras can find opportunities in both residential as well as commercial markets.

7. City courier service

Starting a small city courier service that would facilitate courier service to your local population is another highly lucrative business opportunity for those who love outdoor activities.

8. Cleaning Service Business

With small investment, one can initiate and run his own successful cleaning service business that will facilitate cleaning service to the local households as well as commercial establishments.

9. Managing Corporate Events 

With some experience in event management, one can start his or her own corporate event management business that will serve corporations who held events for staffs, business clients etc

10. Driving School

With a know-how on how to drive safely, one can start a driving school that will provide driving training to the majority of locals who want to learn driving in your locality.

11. Event Management

Someone with good planning and organizing skills can easily setup his or her event management business that would manage events for corporations, educational institutes, married couples, religious organizations etc.

12. House Painting

With good experience in painting, an aspiring entrepreneur can think of starting his or her house painting service facilitating painting service to local households.

13. Billboard Advertising

One of the popular outdoor business idea in these days. With some investment an aspiring one can think of earning money by starting a billboard advertising business and target billboards local small business establishments.

14.  Interior Designing

Perfect for those who are extremely good at enhancing the interior appearance of local households, commercial buildings etc

15. Ice Cream Stand

With small investment, someone can think of starting an ice cream stand in his or her area. May be seasonal at some places but high profitable business opportunity too for outdoor lovers.

16. Mobile Car Wash

Providing on the go car wash service to local car and other vehicle owners is another highly lucrative as well as trending outdoor business ideas nowadays.

17. Mobile Facial Spa

An individual who is well trained in beauty as well as cosmetology can consider starting a mobile facial spa business in his or her area targeting those people who hardly get time out of their busy lifestyle.

18. Tourist Guide

Wow, another incredible outdoor business opportunity for a person who is ready to guide domestic as well international tourists and thus a perfect way for making his or her money.