Panda Express Franchise Opportunities

If you’re looking towards opening a Panda Express franchise at your local place, here is the complete information highlighted for you:

Q: My name is Jeff Forman and i live in Stephenville, Texas, United States. I am interested in opening a Panda Express franchise in Stephenville, Texas area. Could you please answer my following queries regarding a Panda Express franchise:

  • What is the step by step procedure to open a Panda Express franchise?
  • How much money do i have to accrue up for buying a Panda Express franchise?

A: Panda Express restaurant is known for offering a combination of Asian-Chinese cuisines which are both delicious as well as fresh

1. Panda’s History

In the year 1973, Andrew, Peggy Cherng & Master Chef Ming Tsai Cherng first opened Panda Inn. restaurant at Pasadena California. Initially it was hard for its founders to attract customers to have their dining at Panda Inn.

But eventually, Andrew came up with a strategy of offering special deals and freebies in order to customers to dine at Panda Inn.. That worked very fine and hence more and more customers would visit Panda Inn. for dining.

As the company grew in its size, its founders decided to rename it as Panda Express in the year 1983. The company presently operates more than 1,500 serving units at more than 45 locations in United states of America.

2. Franchise Information 

Since every single store of Panda Express is corporately owned and operated, so buying a Panda Express franchise isn’t possible right now as the company is in no state of providing franchising opportunities currently.