24 Top Innovative Real Estate Business ideas

Folks with ability to make and nurture client relationships, excellent presentable and hard working attitude, healthy marketing skills and sound financial backup should ponder upon starting a real estate related business.

Real estate industry isn’t in a mom and pop structure anymore. In fact, it is booming not just in developed nations like United Kingdom, United States etc but also in developing countries such as India, South Africa, Phillines, Kenya, Nigeria etc. Here are top 24 best innovative real estate business opportunities for you:

1. Property management

Excellent liaising skills is a must have to succeed in the business of property management since it involves establishing strong relationships with different kind of people like landlords, tenants, contractors etc. In addition to liaising skills, you need to have an in depth knowledge about local laws that govern landlord – tenant relations.

2. Property development

Property development business covers activities that range from buying raw land, constructing properties like apartments, houses etc and once these properties become livable, they are either put for sale, renting and leasing. However, starting a property development business demands extensive investment.

3. Real estate blogging

Blogging allows you to write and publish real estate articles on a blog and make money while utilising plenty of monetisation methods including Google Adsense. All you need is knowledge about real estate, a computer and of course an internet connection. Tons of platforms are available these days but WordPress is easiest yet popular you should start with.

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4. Landscaping

While previously household market majorly derived the demand for landscaping services however in last one decade, the demand has shifted to schools, hospitals etc. With right equipment and commitment towards work, you can build a successful landscaping business.

5. Lawn care services

One who enjoys fresh air in the morning should consider starting a business that delivers lawn care services to local residential and commercial property owners.

6. Property broker

Think of starting a property brokering business that allows you making commissions while bridging connection between property sellers and buyers and then pushing them towards happy deals.

7. Real estate magazine

While we can’t say millions but surely thousands of people love to read real estate magazines covering latest happenings, emerging market trends and even information related to properties which are up for sale, rent and leasing.

8Interior decoration

Individuals with talent to beautify and improve interior appearances of rooms can consider starting an interior decoration business. While competition may give you tough times but if you work dedicatedly the day you will lead your competitors won’t be far away.