25 Best Real Estate Business ideas for 2017

Here we have highlighted the 25 best, in fact the most innovative small real estate business ideas and opportunities for those who’re eyeing on today’s real estate industry:

Real estate industry is no longer in that mom-and-pop structure. These days it is in a booming shape not only in developed economies but also in developing countries such as India.

Real estate sector today offers plethora of money making opportunities to the aspiring entrepreneurs. It can turn to be one of the rewarding career path for those among you who have the following set of pre-requisites:

  • Enough financial backup(Exceptions are there)
  • Excellent presentable attitude
  • Ability to make and nurture relationships with clients
  • Hard working attitude
  • Good marketing skills

Now if you think that you’ve the above list of pre-requisites, then here are 25 best small real estate niche business opportunities to deploy your resources and skills for:

1. Property Management

This type of business demands that you’ve excellent liaising skills as entering into this business means you’ll have to establish strong relationships with different kinds of people such as landlords, tenants, contractors etc and moreover you also will have to understand the laws governing landlord- tenants etc

2. Property Development

This type of real estate business covers all activities ranging from buying raw land, building properties and then selling, renting or leasing these furnished properties. Since buying lands and building properties on them is not a small deal, this type of business is capital intensive

3. Real Estate Blogging

If you’ve a sound knowledge about the real estate industry and you’re looking for ways to turn it into profit, then one of best real estate business opportunities today is to create a blog that’ll not only provide you the platform to popularize your articles, tips, advice, guides etc but you can also earn a full time income from it.

4. Landscaping Business

Demand for landscaping services over the last few years has increased considerably not only in United States but also in the developing economies like as India. Previously it was the household market  that majorly derived the demand for landscaping services but today the non household market consisting of schools and hospitals is upfront in the race.

5. Lawn care Business

If you love enjoying fresh air and body counting and want to turn it into money, then think of delivering lawn care services to your local residential as well as commercial properties.

6. Property Brokerage 

This is number 4th real estate business opportunity that falls in the low cost range and operating this business demands you have high skills of bridging a connection between a property seller and buyer. Let’s put it in another way, a property broker simply acts as an intermediary between a seller and buyer of the properties and you make commission once deal between these parties is fixed up.