Top 20 Most Profitable Recycling Business ideas

Most people think recycling ( an activity that turns discarded materials into reusable forms ) is one of modern practices for dealing with waste. They are ill informed. Recycling isn’t a new technique at all rather was practised by humans since earlier times. In fact, earlier people are credited for laying the foundation of recycling practice. However, it is true that the technology we use in recycling today wasn’t possessed by people who lived on earth earlier.

Since we constantly create more and more waste, managing its effective disposal has become important for us otherwise we may very soon cease to exist due to harmful effects left by waste on our environment. We have to pace up our efforts towards achieving more efficiency in waste management.

Recycling may be one of the dirtiest jobs however it certainly isn’t something futile. Recycling allows us make money while turning waste into reusable products. Here are 20 top profitable recycling business opportunities one can shape up with almost no investment:

1. Aluminium recycling

Aluminum recycling business allows you make profit while collecting aluminum recyclables such as cans, scraps etc from homes, commercial workplaces, public places etc and then passing it either to recycling centers or directly to recycling plants.

2. Appliances recycling

While you operate an appliance recycling business, you will be engaged in picking, storing and selling broken appliances such as microwaves, refrigerators, dishwashers, washing machines, toasters, blenders etc to recycling firms for a profit.

3. Battery recycling

Discarded batteries usually end up in landfills, causing water to become undrinkable. You can start a business that collects and sells these discarded batteries for cash instead of leaving them to deteriorate in landfills.

4. Auto parts recycling

Similarly discarded automobile parts such as anti -freeze, motor oils, car batteries, oil filters, tires etc can also be collected from auto workshops, garages etc and sold for great profits. Task is pretty dirty however you won’t be stopped by anything towards derving high profit margins in this trade.

5. Collect farm waste

Many forms of waste coming out of agricultural and farming activities can actually fill a farmer’s pocket with extra pennies while it is supplied to briquette manufacturing plants involved in producing green fuel.

6. Furniture recycling

Furniture recycling is all about gathering unwanted furniture from households, commercial workspaces etc and later selling it to furniture making factories.

7. Electronics recycling

Electronics recycling is one of the thriving business opportunities in the recycling industry today. We can’t help ourselves to see discarded computers, mobile phones, cameras, radios etc scattered everywhere whether inside our homes or in our backyards. Collecting it from people’s homes and backyards and even from landfills and then forwarding it to recycling firms for further treatment is what is involved in an electronics recycling business.