23 Best Small Recycling Business ideas

If you’re thinking of starting a recycling business, here are 23 best small recycling business ideas that might match your aspirations:

Recycling is a process that turns discarded materials into reusable forms. Most today think that recycling is one of the new practices humans use to deal with waste. They are mistaken. It is not a new technique at all. It was practice since earlier times. In fact, earlier people should be credited for laying foundation of recycling.

The only that is new in recycling is the technology that was not possessed by earlier men. Today we have the better and advanced technology to manage waste around us.

Since humans create more waste day by day, there is a need to manage its effective disposal. After all, if we ignore it then it is inevitable that very soon we might cease to exist due to the harmful effects wastes leave on our natural environment and also on our health.

That is why governments, private firms and municipalities have paced up their efforts towards achieving more efficiency in waste management. Therefore, if you too want to be the part of this great mission and at the same time want to earn cash, here are 23 best, in fact the profitable small scale recycling business ideas you could start in your community:

1. Aluminium Collection

Aluminium recycling collection business is one of the best niches in the recycling industry today. There are number of recyclables that you could collect from households, shops, malls etc, store and sell them to the recycling plants to make your cash.

2. Aluminum Recycling Plant

Or, if you have a sound financial backup, then you could also think to start your own plant to turn aluminum scraps into usable products and the sell the finished products to the wholesalers in your community.

3. Appliances Collection

There is no household where we can’t get to see the broken appliances like as microwaves, refrigerators, dishwashers, washing machines, toasters, blenders. You collect, store and later sell them to the concerned recycling plants and therefore make your cash.

4. Batteries Collection Center

Another great recycling business opportunity for aspiring entrepreneurs is to start a battery collection center business. You will have collect discarded batteries, store them in your center and later dispatch them to the related recycling plants and hence enjoy the cash you will earn from it.

5. Auto Parts Collection

The increasing volume of discarded anti -freeze, motor oils, car batteries, oil filters, tires etc could also be collected, stored and then dispatched to the concerned recycling plants that operate in your area.

6. Auto Recycling Plant

It costs very high to start an auto recycling plant. So if you can afford such investment, then starting an auto recycling plant is another great business choice you could focus on in the recycling industry today.

7. Farm Waste Collection

Many of the farm wastes that come out of agricultural and farming activities could also be collected and turned into cash by selling them to the recycling plants that are involved in the process.

8.  Furniture Collection Center

Another great niche to the entrepreneurs looking for business ideas in today’s recycling industry. You just have to start a collection center, visit the local households, pickup their unwanted furniture products and later sell them to the furniture making companies in your area.

9. Electronics Collection

One of the thriving recycling business opportunities today. After all, we get to see them(discarded computers, phones, cameras, radios etc) scattered through out in our homes and in our backyards. Therefore you can collect them from your home. store them and then sell them to the recycling plants for high profits. 

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