10 SEO Tips to Boost Google Rankings in 2018

If you’re looking for best tips towards building your search engine presence in 2018, then consider these ten free tips and tricks for your blog or website:

First up, not only we tailor our resources, advice, tips etc to the offline small businesses around the world, we also help those who seek the best advice or tips about blogging right from the initial stage to the flourishing stage. Anyways, let’s begin……….

May be you have decided to take the route of blogging and registered your domain name, paid for hosting etc and now are seeking best ways to increase your search engine visibility. If so, then allow us to answer your question in this topic.

But before you begin to read, let’s make some basic concepts clear to you. SEO which stands for search engine optimization is a free digital marketing technique that helps in increasing your presence in search engines such as Google, Yahoo, Bing etc in order to attract traffic(visitors) towards your blogs and websites. It is a practice that involves using techniques to gain free organic traffic from search engines.

Some digital marketers define SEO as method of implementing techniques that make a blog or a website search engine friendly and some define it a way to let search engine fall in love with your blog.

We hope that the meaning of SEO term is clear to you, let’s now explain the two types of this practice before you learn the top 10 SEO tips and tricks you can use for your new blog or website. There are two types of SEO – On page and Off page.

On page search engine optimization involves implementing SEO techniques on your webpages or blog pages  and  Off page SEO is a means to optimize your blog through back links(votes from other blogs), social media, guest blogging, comments on forums etc.

Now we hope it would be fairly easy for you to learn the main purpose of this topic – top 10 SEO tips and tricks to boost higher ranking for your blog in search engines in 2018. Here we go……

1. Identify your niche: For new bloggers, it is pretty tough and challenging to compete on web with giant websites. If you start competing with these giants, remember these efforts will make you reach nowhere in search engines. So a wise initial step for you is to identify those visitors  who are not satisfied with the solutions of these big web giants and start building effective solutions(articles, guides, videos etc) these specific people.

2. Keyword Research: Once you are able to identify who you are going to serve your products or services, prepare a list of keywords and use keyword research tools to know the volume and competition of these keywords.

3. Long Tail Keywords: Target long tail keywords( which contain more than one words). Since these keywords are specific in nature and for such reason face little competition on internet, thereby making your search engine entry pretty easy.

3. Articulate Solutions: Once you have decided upon the long tail keywords, articulate high quality content for your intended users. Ensure your content is valuable for your readers. Do not write a messy content piece as it can frustrate your users.

4. Keyword in Title: While you begin to articulate your articles, ensure to include your target keyword in your title in an attractive manner.

5.  Use keyword at the beginning portion or the first paragraph and also in the last paragraph of your articles.

6. Remove Broken Links: While moving on with your blogging journey, constantly monitor and remove out the broken links if you find any.

7. Generate a Sitemap: Create a sitemap for better user and search engine bot navigation

8. Build Back links: Identify highly highly authoritative websites in your niche and start building your back links with them. Natural writing and guest blogging are such techniques that can help you to achieve so.

9. Keyword Density: Maintain a balance in your keyword density. You can utilise a keyword in 2-3 % in your blog articles.

10. Promote your Blog: Market your website through commenting on blogs and visiting relevant online forums.

In conclusion,  quality content should be your first goal. Hope the above top 10 SEO tips will help you to get found in top 10 SERP’s in 2018.