50 Small Scale Manufacturing Business ideas with low Investment

If you are eagerly interested in starting a small manufacturing business, here are 60 best small scale manufacturing business opportunities that cost little to start:

The manufacturing sector plays an important role in the development of a country’s economy. Its growth rate reflects the economical potential of a country. It helps a country to achieve great feats of development such as to eradicate unemployment, poverty etc as more job opportunities are created, export levels are increased as more raw material is turned into finished products, helps it to avoid foreign debt and its currency gains much value over other countries.

Well as far as going into with a manufacturing business is concerned, you must keep in mind that it is not an easy task as it has big challenges associated with it such as requirements of skill variety, proper employee training, time and capital intensiveness etc. But compared to a service type of business, a manufacturing business could change your life for better in long run.

Nonetheless, here are 5o best small manufacturing business ideas and opportunities:

1. Aluminium Fabrication

The process which crafts aluminium doors, windows, frames, roofing structures etc by cutting, bending and joining aluminium metal is referred as aluminium fabrication.

Being light weighted, good insulation provider, easy to finish etc, use of aluminum metals in doors, windows, frames etc has gained much preferences over those wooden ones from last 2 decades. With such increasing demand among households, govt offices, corporate offices, shops etc, starting an aluminum fabrication business is a golden opportunity for fabricators that could be started with a minimum investment.

2. Furniture Business

Various forms of furniture such as office furniture, versatile furniture, luxury furniture etc is witnessing increasing demand day by day due to the positive signs shown by housing market and income hikes of people.

So, if you are equipped with custom furniture designing skills, then you should think of starting your own furniture business that would cost you minimum investment to start.

3. Manufacture Paper Cups

One of the rewarding business opportunity for aspiring entrepreneurs in the manufacturing industry today. Since ban on plastic products is in practice almost in every country, you can start your own paper cup making plant on a low scale and help your environment to be safe from various environmental threats.

The key target customers to whom you can sell your paper cups are local tea stalls, wholesalers, parties, marriage parties, hotels, restaurants etc and thus make your income.

4. Manufacture Paper Plates

The wide use of paper plates especially in marriage parties, hotels, events etc paves you another incredible way of making money by starting your own paper plate making business which on a small scale can cost very little to start.

5. Manufacture Bags

Whether it the local market or national market, there is a huge potential to make money by manufacturing and selling school bags, handbags, fashion bags, traveling bags, tools bags etc to various customer segments such as school kids, ladies, travelers, tourist etc. Investment depends on the business size.

6. Manufacture Marbles

Recent statistical figures have shown that there is an enormous demand for marbles almost everywhere in the world. Since marbles are very convenient to clean and are decorative, almost all prefer to install them. So starting a small marble manufacturing business is another opportunity you may think to start in your locality.

7. Hollow Cement Blocks 

One of the best manufacturing business opportunity in today’s manufacturing industry that not only is high profitable but also is considered as very less capital intensive. Mostly in developing countries such as India, China and also in Africa aspiring entrepreneurs can run a sucessful hollow cement block manufacturing business. Being lighter and less expensive than bricks, most people love to install them in their  houses, boundary walls, shops, malls etc

8. Manufacture Cement Tiles 

Starting a cement tiles manufacturing business can prove highly lucrative to many aspiring entrepreneurs due to the fact that this business requires cheap input costs, simple manufacturing procedures and ever growing demand in various markets such a local end consumers, local tile manufactures etc .

9. Paper & Notebooks

With an adequate capital investment and solid business planning, one can earn sufficient money by starting a small paper and notebook manufacturing unit that would later sell paper and notebooks to schools, colleges, offices etc

10. Fertilizer Production

Since more people are embracing the farming industry, one can start a small fertilizer production unit and sell fertilizers to local farmers, dealers etc