50 Small Scale Manufacturing Business ideas with low Investment

If you are eagerly interested in starting a small manufacturing business, here are top 50 small-scale manufacturing business opportunities that cost little to start:

Manufacturing industry plays a major role in the growth and development of a country. Its growth rate reflects the economic potential of a particular country. It helps in achieving great feats of development that includes unemployment eradication to a large extent while creating more job opportunities, increases export level while turning the more raw material into finished products, thereby aiding countries to avoid sinking into foreign debt as their currencies gain more value.

Establishing a manufacturing business is challenging as it requires skill variety, proper employee training, high investment etc however unlike a business that offers service, it could change your life for better. Here are 50 best small manufacturing business ideas:

1. Aluminum fabrication

Aluminum metal on basis of its light weight, good insulation etc like advantages finds an abundant use for aluminum doors, windows, shop frames, roofing structures. From homes to government buildings to commercial structures, demand for aluminum is constantly growing with time. Therefore an aluminum fabrication business is a compelling opportunity for fabricators who can start it with a minimum budget.

2. Furniture making

Housing and commercial markets over years have shown many positive signs. As a result demand for office furniture, versatile furniture, luxury furniture etc has increased. One equipped with custom furniture design skills can, therefore, think about starting a furniture making business.

3. Paper cup making

Ban put on the use of plastic products has propelled demand for paper material as an eco-friendly alternative almost in every country. Key target customers you can sell paper cups includes tea stalls, wholesalers, parties, marriage functions, restaurants etc. Read more

4. Paper plate making

You may additionally consider making and selling paper plates if you can afford to buy a paper plate making a machine or just start a paper plate making business separately.

5. Bags making 

Whether it the local market or national market, there is a huge potential to make money by manufacturing and selling school bags, handbags, fashion bags, traveling bags, tools bags etc to various customer segments such as school kids, ladies, travelers, tourist etc. Investment depends on the business size.

6. Manufacture Marbles

Recent statistical figures have shown that there is an enormous demand for marbles almost everywhere in the world. Since marbles are very convenient to clean and are decorative, almost all prefer to install them. So starting a small marble manufacturing business is another opportunity you may think to start in your locality.

7. Hollow Cement Blocks 

One of the best manufacturing business opportunity in today’s manufacturing industry that not only is highly profitable but also is considered as very less capital intensive. Mostly in developing countries such as India, China and also in Africa aspiring entrepreneurs can run a successful hollow cement block manufacturing business. Being lighter and less expensive than bricks, most people love to install them in their  houses, boundary walls, shops, malls etc

8. Manufacture Cement Tiles 

Starting a cement tiles manufacturing business can prove highly lucrative to many aspiring entrepreneurs due to the fact that this business requires cheap input costs, simple manufacturing procedures and ever-growing demand in various markets such a local end consumers, local tile manufactures etc.

9. Paper & Notebooks

With an adequate capital investment and solid business planning, one can earn sufficient money by starting a small paper and notebook manufacturing unit that would later sell paper and notebooks to schools, colleges, offices etc

10. Fertilizer Production

Since more people are embracing the farming industry, one can start a small fertilizer production unit and sell fertilizers to local farmers, dealers etc

11. Manufacture Leather Belts 

With rising demand for leather belts, starting a small leather belt making business is undoubtedly another highly lucrative business opportunity for many aspiring entrepreneurs in a manufacturing industry.

12. Chemical Production

There is a huge demand for various chemicals such as cleaning, washing, and food preservation chemicals in local and national markets. With some capital investment, you can run a successful chemical production business in your locality.

13. Manufacture Nails 

With increasing number of houses, there is a huge demand for nails in local as well as national house markets. So, starting a nail manufacturing business could prove to be your best and reading small manufacturing business en-devour.

14. Manufacture Nut Bolts

Another compelling market opportunity in today’s manufacturing industry for aspiring entrepreneurs that requires very little amount of capital investment to get off the ground.

15. Manufacture Hand Tools 

One of the best small manufacturing business opportunity for someone who is technically inclined to making hand tools. There is indeed a huge market for screwdrivers, shaping tools, scissors, chisels, hammers etc almost everywhere in the entire world.

16. Production of Yogurt

The yogurt production business entails the activity of producing yogurt by the controlled fermentation process. Consuming yogurt is not a new thing especially for weight conscious people, but the low availability of yogurt nowadays presents you an incredible business opportunity in the form of yogurt production business.

17. Process Vegetables

With some investment, you can buy a  drying machine that coverts fresh vegetables into dried forms which are then packed and sold to export markets at high margins.

18. Production of Flour 

What do you think about considering to start a flour production unit in your locality? With consistent and reliable demand, starting this venture is an incredible business opportunity in today’s manufacturing industry.

19. Potato Chips Production

Another highly lucrative business opportunity for those who cultivate potato should consider starting a potato chips production business that would tailor potato chips to local end consumers.

20. Manufacture Jute Bags

With the ban on manufacturing and using plastic bags, it is truly the best option for aspiring entrepreneurs to consider manufacturing and selling eco-friendly jute bags which are growing in demand day by day.

21. Manufacture Diapers 

The increasing population, spreading awareness among moms to keep their babies healthy and busy lifestyle of people has given rise to a great opportunity in the form of a diaper manufacturing business worldwide.

22. Cement Manufacturing 

The increase in the number of concrete houses especially in developing countries provides another rewarding opportunity in the form of a cement manufacturing business to the aspiring entrepreneurs. However, learning cement manufacturing process is essential.

23. Manufacture Paper Towels

Since use of paper towels with every passing day is increasing, starting a paper towel manufacturing business is one more compelling opportunity for aspiring people in the manufacturing industry.

24. Manufacture Incense Sticks

People in India feel their prayers incomplete without incense sticks commonly known by Agarbatti in the country. With vast market to target, the aspiring entrepreneurs in India can initiate this business on a small scale basis.

25.  Production of Bread

From historical point of view, bread has been an essential part of human diet and in today’s time and age, most feel incomplete if they can’t eat bread. So being consistently in high demand, you can start your own bread production business in your locality that too with an affordable cost.

26. Chocolate Production 

Every one knows that more than anybody, kids love chocolate, even teens. So with high demand in children market, you can initiate your own chocolate making business.

27. Make Designer Sarees 

Saree a traditional women wear in India is another lucrative opportunity for the local aspiring entrepreneurs. Women in India love to be dressed in saree as women in other countries love to wear their traditional clothes. With huge population and few brands being active in the market, starting a designer saree making business is another compelling opportunity for local entrepreneurs.

28. Detergent Powder

You and we know this fact that water alone can’t remove dirt from our clothes. Detergents have proved to be more effective and convenient than those olden soaps. Though big players exist to address this need of people but there are still markets that are un-reached in most least developing countries. Therefore entrepreneurs may consider this opportunity in their localities.

29. Energy Drinks

Most people these days love to drink energy drinks to stay away from fatigue and laziness so that they would be more competent in their respective working domains. Hence you can help these people by initiating your energy drinks production business.

30. Make Paper Envelopes

Nobody likes to send invitation cards, letters etc openly. Its use will always remain high in our societies. Therefore you may consider starting this business in order to help your people send their invitation cards, letters in a secured form.

31. Toilet Paper Making 

With increasing preference of toilet papers over those old rags, someone with an adequate capital investment can think of starting a toilet paper making business.

32. Plastic chair Making

Due to their lightweight, the use of plastic chairs continues to foster in our communities with each passing day. Therefore, if you have some adequate investment, then you might like to start a plastic chair making business.

33. Paper Bags Making

Ever since the use of plastic materials was prohibited by governments almost everywhere, the demand for paper bags have touched skies, hence a great small manufacturing business opportunity for aspiring entrepreneurs.

34. Tire Retreading

Despite the fact that new tires prove much workable in long run, yet there are many vehicle owners who prefer to use retreaded tires due to their cost-effectiveness. So, as an entrepreneur, you may also think about starting a tire retreading business in your locality.

35. Manufacture Ceramic Tiles

Ceramic tiles continue to gain popularity in communities since they prove much durable than their counterparts. With such in mind, entrepreneurs may also give thoughts to starting a ceramic tiles manufacturing business in their localities.

36. Salt Production

Salt is one of the essential component of our diets. No matter how high price might get, the demand for salt will always exist in our societies. Therefore, another lucrative small-scale manufacturing business opportunity for aspiring entrepreneurs.

37. Fruit Jam Production

Since fruit jams over the years have grown in much prominence due to the fact they help in maintaining a healthy weight, starting a fruit jam and jelly making business is another great opportunity for entrepreneurs these days.

38. Latex Rubber Thread

In general, hosiery industry is the biggest user of latex rubber threads and besides this industry, it has also a great use in making fishing baits, toys etc.

39. Slipper Manufacturing 

Almost every one of us wears slippers – whether it is when we get out of our beds or when we return back from our offices. With such an important space in our lives, you may also consider to start a slipper manufacturing business in your locality today.

40. Soap Production

One of the profitable small manufacturing business ideas  you can shape up with an affordable investment. The use of soaps in our life is quite known to you as well to us.

41. Chili Powder Business

Without chili ingredient no one can expect a great cuisine. It is an unavoidable ingredient of our dishes that we and you prepare in our homes. With such a place in our meals, someone with an adequate investment could think about starting a chili powder making business in his or her region.

42. Coffee Powder Making 

Being an important part of our diet, aspiring entrepreneurs might also give consideration to a coffee powder making business in their regions.

43. Spice Powder Business

Without spices no one of us can imagine a tasty dish. With such a defined place in our dishes, you may also give thoughts to starting a spice powder making business today.

44. Tea Production Business

If you live in countries like India, Sri Lanka etc where soil proves favorable to tea cultivation, then you should consider a tea production business there.

45. Tea Bag Production

You as an aspiring entrepreneur may also consider starting a tea bag making business in countries like as India, Sri Lanka that prove suitable for tea production.

46. Make Artificial Flowers 

As artificial flowers aren’t prone to fast fasting, then continue to gain popularity day by day. Hence, as an aspiring entrepreneurs you may also decide to start an artificial flower making business.

47. Make Banana Wafers 

Particularly in countries like India and Sri Lanka, a banana wafer making business can work great due to the availability of locally produced bananas.

48. Make Cotton Swabs 

Cotton swab making business is another lucrative opportunity you can operate from your home, however it demand you to have an adequate investment.

49. Crafts Making Business

A great, in fact a perfect choice a creative minded person can consider starting in his or her locality. Though, it requires simple tools, however, you got to acquaint yourself with the required skills to succeed.

50. Candy Making Business 

Aspiring entrepreneurs who are looking for low investment based manufacturing business can also think of starting a candy making business.