How to Start a Car wash Business From Scratch

If you’re planning to start a car wash business, then here is the recommended complete guide that we believe will help you get stated with this venture at your target location:

Many car owners find no excuses when it comes to oil change, wheel alignment or other parts of their cars that need to be replaced. They are ready to pay as much as they are asked by mechanics. But unfortunately, these car owners ignore car wash aspect to save their money and time, though neither it costs high nor takes much time. Because of this narrow mindedness, they ultimately end up in service centers and face high charges.

Not only regular car washes ensure vehicles to look pretty cool and attractive, they also enhance their performance. With this mind, starting a car wash business is a cool business choice one can start in his or her locality. You could also see number of cars increasing day by day and therefore the need for car wash and other services because car owners how hard they try can’t keep their cars away from the dirt on roads.

Now consider to follow these six steps while you begin to open your own car wash business at your desired place:

1. Write a Business plan

A business plan is a document that will help you to attain what you want(goals and objectives) in your business. Simply put, it is a road map for your business. Take pen from you pocket and a paper, sit down properly and begin to write your car wash business plan. While you begin to prepare it, mention clearly about your target customers, competitors, requirements(financial as well as resources) and marketing tactics you will employ to attract customers.

2. Secure Permissions

Next after creating your car wash business plan, research and obtain all necessary permits you will need to operate your car wash business in your target location from the concerned authorities in your city.

3. Find a Location

This aspect that is location plays a crucial role in the success of a car wash business. Search and rent a location on a high way roadside in your locality.

4. Secure your Budget

Now after you find a suitable location for your car wash business, estimate how much will it cost you to rent a location, buy tools and equipment, car wash supplies etc. Once you get the figures, secure a loan from your local bank in case your own budget isn’t sufficient.

5. Buy Tools & Equipment

Next after the fifth step, purchase the following important tools and equipment in order to deliver car wash services to your intended clients:

  • Pressure washer
  • Air compressor
  • Microfibers
  • Air blower
  • Rotary buffer
  • Chamois  etc

6. Advertise your Business

Once you complete the first 5 steps, consider to use effective marketing tactics so that your target customers know about your business. Few effective advertising strategies you should use to communicate your services are flyers and dont forget to place a board on both sides of your road you operate on.