How to Start a Fresh Juice Business

If you are willing to start a fresh juice business, then here is the complete guide that will help you begin this small venture with no little startup cost:

The importance of fresh juices is vital in today;s life. Fresh prepared juices help us to keep our bodies healthy and fit, feel cool during hot days and many more benefits compared to artificial ones that have proven to be anti healthy. Fresh juices supply us energy that you and we require to keep going in our busy lifestyle.

Now, if you are some one who is interested in opening a fresh juice stall, then here are 6 steps that will ensure you achieve a successful business:

1. Decide your Menu

First you should create a menu – a list of juices that you will serve to your customers. You may select an  organs juice, mango juice, grape juice, lemon juice, apple juice etc in your menu.

2. Prepare Business plan

Next pen down a business plan for your juice business. It is a document that you will have to follow to run your business. You should include information about your target customers, competitors in market, startup expenses and advertising strategies you will implement to spread your word in the target market.

3. Obtain Permits

Once you prepare your juice business plan, get familiar with the necessary permits and accordingly visit the concerned city departments (health department) to secure your permissions.

4. Pick a Location

If you decide to serve your customers in your home, then you can not expect more customer flow compared to such places such as a tourist spot, outside hospital premises, university or a collage etc where foot traffic remains very high. So decide a location on any one of these places and rent a shop there.

5. Find Fruit Growers

Next, find fruit growers or vendors around to purchase fresh fruits such as apple, almonds, orange, pears, mango, strawberries etc from them. Their selection depends upon types of juices you will offer to your customers.

6. Buy Equipment

Now buy juice mixers, grinders, colored paper glasses and other necessary equipment. Once you’re ready to operate put a board on the top front of your shop to attract customers towards your fresh juice shop.