Starting Your own Auto Repair Business

If you are interested in starting an auto repair business, then here is the complete guide that will assist you get started with this venture in your locality:

No matter how expensive any vehicle is, it will need regular checkups and maintenance to keep it in a great shape. Regular inspection not only ensures great performance, it also helps in avoiding various types of accidents. Besides the advancement of modern technology, the demand for auto maintenance will always remain high.

Now, if you’re someone who knows how to counter vehicle problems, then starting your own auto repair business is the best choice that can enable you fetch more money than you receive by working under somebody.

Here are 6 steps that will make it easy for you as a mechanic to start your own auto repair business in your locality:

1. Pen Down Business plan

No matter how small you’ll start, it is essential to write your business plan in order to keep things in control. It ensures smooth functioning of every business aspect. While you take a pen and paper to develop your auto repair business plan, make sure you address your target customers, competitors, resources and marketing practices you will employ to inform your target market about your business.

2. Identify and Secure Permits

This step involves visiting to the concerned departments and obtaining the necessary documents from them at your place. Secure a registration certificate, pollution certificate, TIN number etc from your city authorities.

3. Setup Financial Requirements

Next after you get important documents in your hand, estimate and pileup how much will it cost for rent, tools and equipment, spare parts, infrastructure and utilities like as power, water etc. If you find that your personal money can’t afford it, apply for a loan from your local banks.

4. Location & Infrastructure

Next step is to rent a location on a highway road side, build a shed in desired dimensions and reserve enough parking space so that your target customers wont find difficulty while parking their cars. Also get the premises fenced around to prevent your assets.

5. Purchase Spare Parts

You can also secure a space for your spare parts that will replace the faulty parts of your customer’s vehicle. If you do not want to keep them, you can buy them from the local stores.

6. Promote your Business

The most important step that will let your customers know about you. Put up a board in front of your shop, enlist all services that would deliver and also your contact details. You should also use flyers to grab the attention of your target customers in your town.

6. Customer Service & Price

Remember to deliver excellent customer service, charge a fair amount in order to build your image in the target market. Be unique compared your competitors in terms of pricing, service, treat customers well etc