We welcome those who are interested in writing for us. So, if you happen to be one among them, here are guidelines you will have to adhere to before sending us your articles:

1. We accept minimum of 2 articles at a time. In other words, if you send us a single article, we will reject its publication.

2. Your articles should deliver value to our visitors. Messy kind of content will never be accepted since it creates confusion in the minds of our visitors.

3. Each article should have minimum of 800 words. Less than 800 words article will not be given space on this site.

4. We don’t accept articles that are meant for self promotion. However, keep in mind, we do allow inclusion of max. of 3 do-follow links(should be pointing towards relevant niches) in one article. Please avoid including links in second article.

5. Please attach a brief author bio introduction. However it isn’t mandatory for you to send us images.

6. We accept those articles that are relevant for aspiring entrepreneurs who visit our site with the expectation to receive tips, advice, inspiration etc so that they could start, run and flourish their startups and career seekers who seek tips and advice to develop in a desired career. Topics you got to cover are as follows:

  • Entrepreneurship – ideas, tips, how to guides, advice, inspirational stories to help aspiring entrepreneurs start, run and grow a successful startup business.
  • Career Development – ideas, tips, advice to help career seekers develop in a particular career.

7. Only those articles that have not been published on internet before will be considered for publication on this site.

8. Since we receive a large volume of articles per day, it might take max. of 2 business days for your articles to appear on the site. However, we will inform you once your articles get published.

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