20 Best Travel and Tourism Business ideas

For many nations like as India, Singapore, Turkey, Philippines, Sri Lanka etc, travel and tourism is one of the important sectors that has a profound impact on their overall development. Even there are many countries, if not most, that totally rely on the revenue generated by their travel and tourism industry.

Here are 20 innovative, in fact best travel and tourism related small business opportunities worth for the attention of those who desire to start a business in travel and tourism industry:

Adventure tourism

It isn’t surprising that an adventure tourism business finds success at locations filled with high mountains and flowing rivers supporting adventurous activities like fishing, mountaineering, trekking, river rafting etc. Plenty of options in adventure tourism that will allow you make a living includes following:

  1. Trekking guides
  2. Fishing equipment renting
  3. Gold gear renting
  4. Mountain bike renting
  5. Climbing gears renting
  6. Ski instructions

You can either offer all of these facilities collectively or just focus on one or two niches presented in a list above.

7. Airport shuttle service

One who has vehicle in good condition can fetch income either on part time or full time basis while transporting travellers from and towards airports.

8. Ayurveda treatment

Lots of foreigners tour on consideration of holistic health benefits tour India for Ayurveda treatment and therapies. Ayurvedic Clinicians may thus consider starting an ayurveda treatment business particularly in states like Kerala, Tamil nadu, Karnataka etc

9. Boutique hotel

Travel and tourism determined entrepreneurs can also arrange accomodation facility for tourists while opening boutique hotels near their respective destinations. Remember investment is undoubtedly high however returns in long run are rewarding.

10. Fast food kiosk

Given the requirement of low capital, few overheads and basic infrastructure, aspiring entrepreneurs may even plan of locating fast food kiosks to serve food to travellers near their local tourist places.

11. Fresh juice stalls

Similarly, starting fresh fruit stalls ( that serve fresh juices to tourists ) at tourist spots would also cost them a small investment.

12. Transport service

Travellers need transport to travel from one visiting place to another. So, if you have a vehicle, you can make good income even if you operate it part time while driving tourists from one tourist point to another point in your country.

13. Open a coffee cafe

You may also be interested in serving delightful coffee to both international and domestic tourists paying visit to your place by opening a coffee cafe shop.

14. Tourist guide

Many travellers, if not all, prefer hiring people who can guide and entertain them while moving from one place to another. One with good command at speaking one of more foreign languages like English, French, Spanish etc may like the idea of becoming a tourist guide.

15. Book hotels online

Even at present time many tourists confront much difficulties while booking hotels. To remove them from such misery, you can start an online web portal that allows tourists book hotels of their choice at fair prices.

16. Book travel tickets

In addition to hotel booking service, you can integrate flight book, taxi booking etc like services to your website, thereby allowing you earn up extra money.

17. Ferry business

Ferry businesses thrive near riverine or island areas. If you have a boat, it is arguably worthwhile to ponder upon starting a business that provides ferry services.

18. Photography

Even though most tourists do carry their own cameras along to capture beautiful moments during their trip time, yet many prefer leaving it to professional photographers. Hence, individuals with skills to take beautiful pictures may pursue photography business.

19. Night club

Opening a nightclub at a tourist destination can also turn into a potentially lucrative business.

20. Language translator 

Travelers most of time seek help from a local language translator so as to understand native language. One able to speak English, Spanish etc may go for a language translation business.