20 Best Travel and Tourism Business ideas for 2017

Travel and tourism play an important role in the economy of United States and other countries in the world. Both have an impact on the development of country’s economy. For many countries, tourism is the most important source of income and even there are some countries that totally depend on the revenue they generate from tourism sector.

Moreover, both travel and tourism sectors support millions of jobs all in countries like United States, India, Singapore, Philippines, United Arab Emirates and many more other countries in the world and it is also strongly anticipated that both these industries will accommodate more sustainable jobs in the coming years.

Since travel and tourism sectors are known for light investments, high economic returns etc, there are many business opportunities both of these industries offer to the entrepreneurs and out of them these 20 have great potential in almost every country in the world:

Adventure Tourism

If your local tourist destination is surrounded by high mountains and flowing rivers and it offers adventurous activities like fishing, mountaineering, trekking, river rafting etc to the tourists, then your consider to focus on any one of these businesses or on all if you have the capacity to facilitate them to visiting tourists:

  1. Rent mountain bikes
  2. Rent fishing equipment
  3. Rent golf gears
  4. Rent rock climbing gears etc
  5. Ski Instructions
  6. Trekking guides

7. Boutique Hotels

Since tourists(whether domestic or international) need accommodations for rest and sleep, determined entrepreneurs could also think of starting a boutique, bed and breakfast hotels in their respective tourist destinations. Remember investment is high but returns in long run are highly rewarding and therefore a great opportunity.

8. Fast Food Kiosks

Fast food kiosks or small restaurants where you could serve food to tourists could also prove compelling opportunity for you at your local tourist destination due to the requirement of low capital, few overheads and basic infrastructure requirements.

9. Fresh Juice Stalls

Like small restaurants as mentioned above, starting a fresh juice stall that will cater fresh juices to the visitors would also cost you a small investment in fact low than them. Therefore another great business opportunity in the tourism sector you could focus on at your location.

10. Transport Service

Since tourists require transport to travel from airports to visiting places and from one tourist point to another point, starting a tourist transport business is a great opportunity entrepreneurs could also consider to pursue in the travel industry.

11. Coffee Cafe Business

If your place lacks coffee cafe or there are very few in number, then think none other than starting your own coffee cafe business to serve delightful coffee to the international as well as domestic tourists paying their visits to your place.

12. Be a Tourist Guide

Most tourists prefer to hire reliable people who could guide and entertain them while moving from one place to another place. So, if you are good at speaking one or more foreign languages like as English, French, Spanish etc then consider to deliver tourist guide services to the visitors.

13. Book Hotels Online

Since tourists face much difficulties while they book their hotels, starting an online site that would cater hotel booking service at minimum costs to these tourists is another great opportunity for those who are looking business ideas in the tourism industry.

14. Book Travel Tickets

Entrepreneurs could also contemplate on starting an online travel portal that would help tourists to book their travel tickets  such as flight booking, taxi ticket booking etc online. Hence a great opportunity in the travel and tourism industry.

15. Ferry Business

In you live in or near the riverine or island areas, then think to start a ferry business as it is the best option you have available at your disposal.

16. Photography Business

Even though most tourists carry their own cameras to capture beautiful moments during their trip time, yet there are many who leave it to professional photographers. So if you have such skills, then consider to pursue a photography business.

17. Open Night Club

A night club also has the great potential to do well at tourist destinations. Therefore another lucrative business opportunity for those who are looking to start a small business in the travel and tourism industry.

18. Language Translation

Tourists most of times during their trip time seek good translators so that they could understand the native language. Therefore if you have command on few foreign languages such as English, Spanish etc, then one of choice you might pursue is language translation business.

19. Tourism Blogging

Apart from the above highlighted travel and tourism business ideas, you also could think about blogging if you have sufficient knowledge in the field. Just choose and register a domain name, work on its SEO to gain high rankings and apply for Adsense to earn your money.

20. Travel Blogging

Besides a tourism blog, you could also start a travel related blog to help those who seek related information on the internet.