About us

Hello and thanks for showing interest to know what and who is behind Help for Startup publication 

Help for Startup, established in the year 2014, is a leading online publication of the entrepreneurs, by the entrepreneurs, and for the entrepreneurs. It is, without any doubt, one of the largest online resources on the web today, aiming to motivate and guide aspiring entrepreneurs throughout the world become self-reliant while starting, running and growing a successful startup business.   

Our Mission 

At Help For Startup, our mission is to deliver the valuable and easy to understand content to our visitors. As you might have observed, we use very simple English language so that every one could understand including those who don’t have command on this language.

Now, if you are asking yourself:

  • How can i start my startup?
  • How can i run a successful business?
  • How can i flourish or grow my business?

Or you have any other startup business related question, then you have landed on the right place….

Why Help For Startup Exists?

Way back in August, 2014 when all three of us(Om Prakash Panday, Satya Brata Dash and Rais Dar) used to work with Flipkart.com came across an article in the newspaper mentioning a painful story about a guy who lost all of his invested money just because he lacked proper guidance.

It further mentioned that no body could help him even though he approached to the experts. We felt his pain and also then we asked ourselves – how many other than him would be there in the whole world who need such guidance? Well the answer in one word is – Millions

This pain drove us towards launching an online site that would help such individuals right from the beginning to the flourishing stage of their business and hence on 3rd January 2015 Help For Startup was born.

Thanks for taking time to read our story. If you have any question for us, feel free to contact us……