20 Best Small Business ideas for Women

In 2018, the myth that the business sphere is best reserved for men has been revealed as exactly that: a myth. It’s not just the pioneering examples of Shahnaz Hussain, Oprah Winfrey, Cher Wang which tell us such.

We’re slowly waking up to the reasons why the entrepreneurial space has been wrongly to be better off male. It’s hardly an enlightened position, but we’re now well aware that women will often make better business decisions than men. So, if you’re a woman looking to unlock your entrepreneurial spirit, we’ve put together a few recommended, lucrative side-hustles in order to boost your household income.

1. Start Blogging 

Blogging is a fantastic choice of home-based business for women in 2018. If you’re knowledgeable in any particular field and have the ability to guide others who seek tips and advice on internet, then starting a blog to share your know-how could be a fun and lucrative business for you. Like any other business, blogging demands efforts in order to build an engaged audience.

Whilst you’ll have to wait for some time to reap your financial benefits, if you remain consistent and keep plugging away with valuable tips for your readers, you’ll soon see great rewards. Pick an attractive name for your blog, register domain name and put some money aside to host it. Once you finish these tasks, start directing traffic and then apply for Adsense to display ads on your site.


Another rewarding choice available to you in case your blog isn’t making sufficient money from Adsense, is to become an affiliate marketer. Affiliate marketing, offered by many companies, including Fat Lama, is simply an agreement between you and the advertisers where in he pays some commission to you if your visitors make purchases on their sites. Remember: you need to be prepared to sell. But if you generate businesses new users through your affiliate links, you’ll be rewarded by substantial sales commission.


Beauty is important to some women, and many are looking for advice on how to improve their makeup routines.

When YouTube beauty tips aren’t enough, many women turn to beauty parlors. So if you enjoy getting hands on in the beauty world, why not consider opening a beauty parlor in your locality? Moreover, you can run this business from your home itself.


Everyone wants to look good, and some are willing to pay good money for style. If you want to tap into the fashion market, starting a boutique clothing store is another rewarding small business choice you can put your efforts towards!


This may seem outdated as a business model, but the fact remains that more than 90% of people send Christmas cards, birthday new year cards, Easter cards or valentine day cards. So, if you love to play around with creative designs, you can turn this passion into money in your locality.

6. Be a Home Tutor

Many parents are on the lookout for a personal tutor for their children, in order to provide a safe and effective learning environment. Research shows that on balance, kids with home tutors perform better academically than those without.

Besides the quality education it allows, home tutoring provides parents with childcare which they may have to pay for anyway! But before you sign up to start tutoring, it’s worth checking your own credentials. You’ll need to be educated, assertive and good with young people in order to earn in education.

7. Open A Women’s Gym

For religious or social reasons, many women prefer single-sex exercise facilities. If no such thing exists in your locality, you might want to consider the idea clearing out the garage and setting it up as a home-based gym for your female neighbours to work out in privacy.

8. Be an Interior Designer

If you find yourself scrolling through design ideas on Pinterest at all times of day and night and consider yourself a savvy designer, you might want to consider monetising the skill!

If you have a sound knowledge and experience in this field, then consider starting an interior design business in your local area in order to bring colour, style and decorum to the houses of those nearby.

9. Rent or sell your belongings

Whether you hold garage sales to sell your stuff or list it for rental local on a platform like Fat Lama, making money from the stuff you earn is a great place to start!

10. Wedding Planning Business

If you dream about your ideal wedding in your spare moments, then it might be worth monetising your talent for planning. The wedding industry is a lucrative one if you play your cards right!

11. Bookkeeping

There are large number of small as well as big companies who do not want to foot the costs of hiring a permanent accountant. So offering bookkeeping services to these companies is one of the best home based business for women.

12. Candle Making

With access to some capital, you may want to start a candle making business from the comfort of your home and sell candles to your neighbours – perfect for the Christmas season!

13. Content Writing

An aspiring women who has the ability to write quality content can make good money doing so from the comfort of her home. Content drives sales for all manner of businesses, so tapping into this industry could be a real money spinner.

14. Copywriting

Not only has the boom in internet industry given rise to content writing opportunity; it’s also opened up many copywriting opportunities. Along with content writing, a women can also make money by offering her copywriting services.

15. Fashion Design Training

Setting up your own fashion design training center is a best fit for those women who have sufficient experience in fashion designing field.

16. Feature Agency

In order to run a successful and a profitable  feature agency business, an aspiring women entrepreneur needs just a laptop and a mobile connection.

17. Open a Spa Business

Humans aren’t like machines that can work tirelessly! They often need breaks, relaxation and rest in order to perform their work effectively and actually enjoy life. That’s what a spa delivers to them. Day by day with the importance of spa is growing everywhere as it helps people to relieve stress and toughness out of their tired bodies. 

18. Deliver Daycare Service

If you enjoy spending time with young children and think you have a gift for quality childcare, you can get paid for the madness! Daily rates can be very competitive, so this is well worth considering!

19. Make Designer Handbags.

The right handbag can really make an outfit, and make any woman feel great! Starting a designer handbag business from your home could give you the income you need to get going! You must have an eye for style and be willing to graft hard to earn!

20. Open a Grocery Store

If your locality is short of a grocery store, then this could be a great side hustle for you. Especially recommended for keen cooks who can advise their customers accordingly! Everyone has to eat, so tap into this most basic demand with this small business idea!

Edited Copy sent by: Tim Slater