15 Best Business ideas in Mumbai with Low Investment

In our previous article, we walked you through some profitable business ideas in Pune, however, today, we felt it important to talk about business ideas one can shape in Mumbai.

Mumbai, the capital of Maharastra state is no alien to the issue of overcrowding, however, it deserves to be called as ” land of dreams ” in the whole of India since it enjoys the pride of being home to the thousands of millionaires, companies like Reliance, Tata, Aditya Birla etc, Bollywood(India’s Hindi film industry) etc.

Here are fifteen best small business ideas local aspirants with a tight budget can start in today’s Mumbai:

1. Become an ad filmmaker

Everyone who is in any kind of trade and even political parties need people who can help them attract target audience while telling creative stories via commercials. If you are a creative person with a passion to produce and turn scripts into ad films, you can offer ad filmmaking services in Mumbai.

2. Open a comedy club

In a survey conducted by an online doctor consultation platform namely Lybrate, it was revealed that around 31% of working professionals suffer from worst stress in Mumbai as a result of long work hours, tight deadlines, missing targets, office politics etc

Given the facts brought forth by the study, it is evident that these stress affected people need strong doses of entertainment. You can provide them that while opening a comedy club provided you are emotionally intelligent.

3. Be an event planner

Event management is comparatively a booming business opportunity in a city like Mumbai where fast-paced lifestyle has made it imperative for people to hire event planners for organizing and handling events like weddings, conferences, ceremonies etc taking place all year round.

4. Open a massage spa

It is an open fact that where there is a stressful life, there are 101% chances for massage spas to flourish and Mumbai, as we know, is no exception. If you are a massage therapist, you might want to open a massage spa business in Mumbai.

In case, you are not a massage therapist, however, if you would like to be one then you must earn a massage therapy diploma from an institute.

5. Work as a massage therapist

You may get the feeling that as a massage therapist you are better suited for a job rather starting your own massage spa. In that case, be informed that there is a huge deficit in the supply of massage therapists in local spas of Mumbai.

6. Open a hair salon

Hair salon, a good service related business, if located in a right place will never counter the slump in terms of demand in Mumbai. However, make sure that you offer pocket-friendly haircut and styling services.

7. Open a beauty salon

Even a beauty salon in Mumbai or anywhere else in the world is worth opening since more and more men are taking interest in getting groomed by beauticians working in beauty salons.

8. Home Beautician 

You need not be worried if you aren’t in a condition or just feel it is daunting to open a beauty salon as women particularly those who live a busy are increasingly preferring beauticians who can provide beauty related services at their homes.

9. Recruitment firm 

With thousands of freshers in a bid to make a living searching for jobs and already working people looking to switch to other companies for a better career, you can consider starting a recruitment consultancy firm in Mumbai.

10. Sell used books

Even selling used books to students, especially those who bother too much about saving money, near educational institutions is a good business opportunity in Mumbai.

11. Sell on OLX

OLX, an online classified marketplace provides free space for advertising your goods to others. You should take benefit out of this opportunity by selling used stuff via OLX.

12. Digital marketing 

If you are practically familiar with the tactics of boosting online visibility of websites then you may start a digital marketing company.

13. Interior designer

If you are very selective in decorating and arranging items like furniture at right spots that give aesthetic look to rooms and spaces, then cater interior designing services to the populace of posh locations in Mumbai.

14. Web designer 

Web designing is the most wanted service today because businesses can’t afford to lose their customers who are continuously shifting towards online shopping.

15. Sell used furniture 

Open a consignment store to sell used furniture to those people who simply lack the financial courage to buy new furniture stuff.