Key Factors That Impact Your App Development Cost

No matter what size is your business, the mobile app is an indispensable component that helps you connect with your users & boost your sales. The first question that comes to our mind before developing an app is how much will it cost to build an app? Getting an app estimate can be very helpful in planning out the available budget and the specific business requirements. Since the market for apps is growing rapidly every year, we need to make use of latest technology and features to make it a success. Depending on the platforms & features, cost of the app may vary from one another. Though there is easily available app cost calculator, here are some factors that can be considered to find the cost of your mobile app development:

1. App Functionality

Knowing the purpose of the app can help in determining the development cost. A small application built for a niche business function may cost much lesser than the enterprise app built for large-scale business. Find out whether the app is meant for public use or not, what users are trying to achieve with the app and whether your app will fulfill the purpose using the functionality.

2. Platforms

Choosing the desired platform for the app- iOS, Android, Windows or all of them will impact the development cost as well as time. Since all the platforms are different, the cost will also vary accordingly. Android fragmentation (multiple devices & screen sizes) can make it difficult to ensure that app works well in each of the devices while iOS platform only needs to support the Apple-supported devices.

3. Devices Supported

Another important factor is the devices that the app will support i.e. mobile phones, tablets or both. Deciding the type of the app will also impact the overall development cost. Native apps are basically more expensive than hybrid apps but it offers better performance and more customized functionalities for personalized experiences.

4. Integration Points

Though integration during the app development can be costly in the initial phase, it will save both the time and money in future. There are some factors that will affect the cost such as integration with the third-party systems or complex backend systems, whether the content is already available or not, where the content will come from, who will control/approve it, etc.

5. Visual Components

Adding complex UI elements in your app helps in improving the user experience to a huge extent but making use of such visual components like 3D graphics, animations, visual transitions, multiple objects, etc. will increase the development cost at the same time.

6. Updates/Maintenance

Even after the development of the app, investment does not end as app requires a proper maintenance plan for a long-run success. It is important to consider the necessary updates for the new features and functionalities that need to be implemented from time to time. The app should stay relevant & up to date as per the current demands to avoid your app getting deleted or uninstalled by users.

Though it is impossible to figure out the exact development cost of the app, the above points will help you in determining the approximate pricing of your app. Apart from all the factors discussed, the cost can also fluctuate if your app needs to use hardware feature of the phones like location-based features (iBeacon or GPS), gyroscope, camera, accelerometer etc. If you have the killer idea for your next project and looking for iOS or Android app development company, choose the one that has the best technical expertise & knowledge of current market trends. Kickstart your business with the expert development team and achieve engaging digital experiences.

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