Top 20 Innovative Sports Business ideas for 2018

Sports industry before the arrival of the 21st century was limited to the production and sale of sports goods for athletes and ticket selling to fans. But, post-internet penetration, immense opportunities began sprouting. If you love sports and are interested in starting a business in the sports industry, here are top 20, in fact, innovative sports-related small business opportunities for you:

1. Personal trainer

Demand for personal trainers is booming as a result of increasing interest of people towards living healthy lives. If you love staying fit, you can make money while sharing your love for fitness with others as a personal trainer.

2. Open a gym

Or you can fulfill the growing need of being fit and looking in great shape by opening a gym center in your community. Provide affordable membership monthly plans and hire one or two trainers on a part-time basis for training your clients.

3. Sports massage center

Injured athletes in an attempt to recover fast often visit massage centers. If your hands really have the magic of healing injuries, you should seriously ponder upon opening a sports massage center.

4. Bounce house business

Opening a bounce house business is something that allows you derive cash from parents while letting their children play with bounce house especially during outing times.

5. Open a sports bar

People still love watching more than participating in sports activities. Opening a sports bar will fill your pocket with a huge amount of money while allowing sports fans eat and cheer up for their favorite team.

6. Become a coach

Sports coach trains those who enthusiastically want to master skills of a particular sport. If you have experience in any particular sport, making money through coaching is no big deal for you. You can either work with an academy as a coach or open one of your own.

7. Sports goods store

Opening a store in which sports goods such as cricket bats, balls, soccer balls etc are sold might also interest you if your local youngsters are popularly engaging themselves in sports games.

8. Sports toys store

Kids always get excited while playing with toys. In fact, kids can stop eating, but won’t ever leave playing with toys. Wherever you live, there will always be a vast market in kids demographic for sports toys. Hence you may also like to open a sports toys store.

9. Sports magazine 

Sports lovers in thousands read sports magazines with the aim to explore information, news, guides etc. If you have a healthy journalism related experience, then one of the sports-related businesses that you can start is a sports magazine.

10. Sports newspaper 

Additionally, you as an experienced journalist may think about publishing a sports newspaper that features latest news, headlines, information about the sports world. Earn as much as you can while selling ad spaces to businesses that want to convey offers to their potential customers.

11. Basketball Academy 

Retired professionals can cash into a basketball academy business especially in countries like United States, Canada, UK etc where most youngsters naturally tend to have the want of becoming professional basketball athletes.

12. Cricket pitch construction

Cricket is a sport popularly played by people in Australia, New Zealand, England and Asian countries like India, SriLanka, Pakistan, Bangladesh etc. Where there is cricket played, there is a need for pitch construction. One with skills for constructing and maintaining cricket pitches can provide service of cricket pitch construction.

13. Balls manufacturing

Sports games such as cricket, football, volleyball etc can’t be played without round shaped balls. As long as people passionately play these games, demand for cricket balls, soccer balls, volleyballs etc will keep existing. However, starting a balls manufacturing business is capital intensive.

14. Cartoons production

Children always are excited about watching cartoons on televisions. Kids even love playing with physically crafted cartoons. Starting a cartoons production business is one of the innovative sports related ideas that would allow you earn while producing and selling cartoon movies and games such as football, rugby, wrestling, boxing etc

15. Sports training school

Someone experienced in any sport whether cricket or football or volleyball may open a school where aspiring people will be given the training so that they become professional players in respective sports games.

16. Open a pool bar

Snooker game is increasingly attaining popularity, especially among youth almost at every place. You will earn by charging a fixed amount per hour basis. If your area lacks a snooker bar, you have great opportunity to launch one on your own there.

17. Sports blogging

Unlike sports business opportunities listed above, a sports blog is easy to start, requiring you just a laptop, internet connection and knowledge about sports. Keep on publishing high-quality articles and promoting via legitimate means until a reasonable number of users visit your blog. Make money while applying for online advertising agencies and affiliate marketing programs.

18. Online sports store

Draw the attention of online sports shoppers while creating and integrating a website to your physical sports goods store or you may launch a local online marketplace website that features sports goods from third-party sellers.

19. Sell sports tickets

Sports fans can sacrifice everything when it comes to actively watching sports events like as cricket matches, football matches etc. Hence, you might also like to open a sports ticket counter near stadiums that will let you make part-time income while selling tickets to sports fans.

20. Sell sports clothes

In addition to above highlighted 19 small sports businesses, you can also open a shop that sells sports clothes to athletes in your region.